Adolescence of Utena

February 18, 2007

Chiho Saito – Viz – 2004 – 1 volume

I should make a new series for this, but it IS still Revolutionary Girl Utena, though an alternate retelling.  Ah, what the hell.  I made a new series entry for Confidential Confessions: Deai, seems like it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t do it for this one.

I liked this volume, too.  It kinda fails as a movie adaptation… the movie is all I’ve seen of Utena animated, and it’s nothing like this save for a few bare elements.  As a coherent piece of storytelling, it wins hands down over the movie, though.  There are no racecars, but they are sacrificed with good intentions so that the story makes sense.

I liked Touga’s role much better this time around, and I liked that he paralleled Akio so that Utena and Anthy would have some reason to… you know, team up in the end.  The magic is explained a bit better this time around, though there’s still plenty of confusion, even for me when I’ve read it before, surrounding the role of Anthy when that is explained.  I was confused, but I think I got it in the end.

It’s nice shoujo stuff and is like Utena lite, where they crammed all the plot elements of Utena in one volume.  Probably a bit rushed and cramped as a result, but it handles this well, and it’s coherent, and I liked it.  Thumbs up!