Alichino 3

August 25, 2005

The back of this volume says there will be a volume 4, but I don’t really believe them, so this is probably it.

MUCH better this time around. This volume did a really good job with coherent story and explaining some character motives. It really focused on Ryoki, and explained what he’s all about and why he appeared randomly, and also his contract with Myobi. I love both characters now, and it was explained so clearly I actually felt sympathy for them. I’m glad that was at least cleared up.

Alichino has a pretty straightforward story now that I look at it. The mangaka says it will be over when volume four comes out, which I believe… if volume four contained the rescue of Enju and the explanation on the entwined lives of Enju, Myobi, and the main character, everything would actually wrap up nicely, and I would really look back fondly on this series for being a decent fantasy story with great art.

Also… what the hell was up with those preview pages? They looked like really low-res scans that shouldn’t have been printed like that. Are those the actual quality of the page, or did the mangaka just e-mail some example pages to them, or what?

Alichino 2

August 21, 2005

This series SUCKS. It gets a lot of deserved attention from its artwork, and I’m willing to forgive confusing plots in first volumes and pass it off as exposition, but this series is just incomprehensible.

The artwork is such that I can’t tell the characters apart, and the backgrounds are such that I can’t tell where the characters are. The dialogue is such that everything is left rather mysterious and confusing, and while I can sort of tell what’s going on, it’s just really frustrating. For instance, I know they were going after the evil Alichino, but the pacing was sort of messed up, and I don’t know when they left home and entered that weird villiage, and when they left the villiage in favor of a castle, or another town, or what. And they keep throwing in this weird character interaction. What I can figure out isn’t terribly interesting or original, which is sad.

It’s mired in its own sea of stylistic incomprehensibility, and that’s about the best thing I can say about it.