Andromeda Stories 3

June 26, 2008

Um. Let me say that I really liked the ending (for the most part anyway, I liked the idea of the ending, but the incest angle was a little unsettling), but the rest of this volume was really, really a mess. Well, I also kind of liked the explanation of the computers, and by that I mean the explanation was adequate and not confusing. I don’t know how I actually felt about that part of the story.

Affle finally figures into the story, except a twist which doesn’t make much sense is figured in. Not only does the twist not make sense, it’s also something that the psychic society feels like they should ignore for no reason. Affle was also extremely disagreeable and just made me cranky. I can understand Affle’s reluctance to participate since NOTHING is explained directly to Affle, but it’s frustrating to see Affle just reject things over and over again, prolonging the story when I just want it to end.

Lots of fighting happens. Lots of fighting. The robots take over most of the planet, and mount several attacks directly on the rebel base. Jimsa’s robot companions have the technology to fight them off, but this just encourages more attacks and more fighting. Il comes back, but her role is not as significant as you would have thought. Il, the elder of the psychic tribe, and Jimsa’s robots all serve a purpose to illustrate the contrast in different conquered civilizations and their level of technology when robots took over. I kind of liked that comparison too, but other than that…

Yeah. Lots of fighting, and lots of characters being unreasonable. I just did not really like this series.

Andromeda Stories 2

January 20, 2008

Reading this volume, I really felt like I was just going through the motions.  There wasn’t really a single thing that grabbed my attention this time around.  We’ve got the exiled prince who is finally contacted by a psychic cult and called on to save the world.  We’ve got the prince’s twin brother, the two still haven’t met, but he is in some sort of nomadic group and has yet to establish himself as notable, or really make any sort of appearance in the story other than a brief catch-up session.

Robots still rule the planet.  Can the humans stop them?  Well, probably, because that’s how these things go.  We find out that not all robots are bad.  We find something out about the mysterious swordswoman from last volume.  Also, we find out that it’s possible the robots aren’t all bad at all, even the bad ones.  Does any of this sound familiar, or even all that interesting?  People who love sci-fi/fantasy hard may go for this series, but I just can’t get into it… the plot, the characters, I can’t get into any of it.  Maybe the conclusion next volume will be fun.

Andromeda Stories 1

January 2, 2008

I don’t know.  I can’t convince myself to read Keiko Takemiya stories for some reason.  It’s like I know the basic premise will put me to sleep, but when I actually read the volumes, I wind up liking them a lot, both with To Terra and this series.

Just as I don’t like emotional space operas, emotional straight-up fantasy just isn’t my thing (with the exception of things like Basara where straight-up fantasy is done exceptionally well).   I bought this volume solely to support older shoujo stuff with the sincere hope that things like The Song of Wind and Trees will get translated someday.  I really got into the story once it got going though.  Everything from the characters to the setting is extremely elegant, and I liked the way the story started off in peaceful times, then slowly the kingdom became more and more under the control of the warlike invaders.

I spotted an early bit of Basara in this story when the heir to the kingdom turned out to be twins, and the child that was taken away from the palace had a tattoo and was apparently was a “child of destiny” to at least one character.  We never hear much more about that child, but the other child’s name matches the prophecy and everything, so perhaps it won’t turn out to be the forgotten child’s job to save the kingdom.

The volume leaves off in an interesting place, too.  The invaders (apparently from space) are extremely technologically advanced where the planet the story takes place on seems to have little to no technology to speak of.  Or they have it, and have just stopped using it in order to stay peaceful, something like that.  In either case, it’s nothing for the invading forces to trample all over the peaceful kingdom, who not only can’t spot the extremely covert invasion, but have no way to fight against it, either.  There’s a warrior from another galaxy which may help later, but we’ll see how things go.  It’s three volumes long, but it seems like it could easily wrap up in two volumes as it is now, so I’d like to see what else happens in the plot.