Beyond My Touch

April 9, 2006

As I’ve said before, I’m not much into the gay stuff mostly because it’s generally not my kind of story (though I’d definitely like to get my hands on the new yuri stuff coming out, I’d like to see the mechanics of those stories very much). Loveless was good though, and this one was pretty cute too. It had some fugly character designs, but the story was cute all the same. The “Beyond My Touch” story that took up half the volume was probably my favorite and the most sensical, and I liked the idea of the boy’s spirit coming back from the dead and haunting his lost love. The reactions from the alive boy to the bi boy were satisfying, and although the falling in love part was way too sudden for my taste (and happened over and as a result of a fever, which is a huge cliche), their relationship was quite cute and the ending was also okay, if a bit rushed.

The other two short stories in this volume, one about a mystery kiss to a cheerful boy that puts him in an emotional upheval and one about a boy who constantly bakes sweets for another classmate. The latter was probably the worst in the volume, but the relationship was the most understated, and I liked the basic plot of the boy cooking the sweets for the other boy until he reacts as he did in childhood. The main character is way too over the top and the story kind of bland and unoriginal otherwise… the boy not already knowing he was in love with the secondary boy was a bad way of going about it. The other story was just kind of okay, but still really cute.

Overall an okay volume of manga… not sure how it compares to other BL series, but a really cute story for everyone else, too. Not the best volume of short stories I’ve ever read, but I’m pretty hard to satisfy when it comes to that anyway.