Black Cat 20

May 8, 2009

I thought it would be interesting to give this one a try.  This is the last volume in a series I haven’t read and knew nothing about, so I wanted to see how the ending would play out.

After reading the character profiles and story summary in front, it was pretty easy to follow exactly what was going on.  There was a final battle going on between Train, the main character, and Creed, his former friend (?) who has decided to eradicate mankind.  Train fights with a gun and Creed fights with a sword, and their battle is a simple enough affair to follow.  Train doesn’t want to kill Creed, but does want to drive him insane (by breaking his sword?) and let him live out the rest of his life that way as penance for killing a friend of his.

Train has allies fighting Creed’s minions, and in addition, members of the assassin organization that Train and Creed used to belong to are also fighting Creed’s minions.  Their fights come up occasionally, but they are fairly simple, and most of what’s going is in the main battle.

And once the fight is over… the story wraps up pretty quickly.  There’s maybe a few pages of loose ends to take care of, and then the last few pages show what I assume are all the characters in the series as a backdrop for a speech Train gives about living your life without forgetting your past.

It was pretty standard shounen stuff.  This one seemed really basic, as special powers weren’t really invoked all that frequently (though there were some that augmented the traditional fighting methods) and there wasn’t even really a special vernacular the characters were using in order to fight.  It was actually kind of refreshing in that respect.  Again, as with most of these shounen series I jump into randomly, I probably would have liked it if I had read from the beginning because I really do like this type of story, but there was absolutely nothing about this volume that compelled me to go back for the rest.  It didn’t really score any points for originality, and… really, that’s about it.  Sorry, Black Cat.

This was a review copy provided by Viz.