Cigarette Kisses

August 1, 2012

Nase Yamato – Deux – 2007 – 1 volume

So here’s one I really had to blow the dust off of. I think I bought this during a Deux clearance sale, and it drifted down to the bottom of my to-read stack for, like, five years. But my recent BL mania led me to pull this out, since it has salarymen in it. Also, an almost-threesome. I was shocked to realize that that never happens in BL comics. Copies aren’t terribly expensive if you prefer the old-fashioned way of reading, like me, but there’s no need to search for a dusty paperback copy if you’re all tech-savvy. Animate/Libre released their own edition several years ago (no idea if the translation differs), and you can pick it up for Kindle over at SuBLime has that edition up on their website as well, if you lack an e-reader or would just prefer a .pdf.

It’s a good read, definitely a bit better than the usual salaryman drama I’ve been tearing through lately. A pair of childhood friends work at the same company rendezvous in the smoking room. There’s always been an unspoken mutual attraction between the two. They’re friends, and wind up spending a lot of time together, although nothing develops. Soji, the clear seme and the son of the company owner, suddenly announces one day that he’s getting married, and it breaks Yusuke’s heart. The two don’t speak for a number of years, until a chance encounter brings them back together and their unspoken feelings to the surface. In the interim, however, Yusuke has nearly hooked up with Masahito, who’s hoping Yusuke can get over his long crush and hook up.

It’s drama-tastic without being too heavy, and well-written enough to pull off the cliches. Plus, Masahito and Soji aren’t the rivals you’d expect, and as I said, I was fairly certain this was heading down the path of the menage-a-trois. Alas.

While I wouldn’t say a wider audience should rush out and read this, it’s definitely worth picking up for those that enjoy the salaryman BL as much as I do, and probably a solid read for a general BL audience, too. With all the editions of it floating around, it’s also not hard to pick up, either.