Click 8

August 6, 2008

Much to my surprise, I found this volume in Borders the other day when I went in to get a magazine.  I was debating over whether I wanted to spend my lunch money on it that day since I heard that the ending was very disappointing.  It is a really great story though, I’ve absolutely loved every volume of it so far, and when I flipped it over to read the summary on the back, I found a ringing endorsement from… myself, which will win me over 100% of the time because I’ve got a huge ego.

Anyway, I would be lying if I said that I was happy with the way things worked out.  I would also be lying if I said that the series ending wasn’t very satisfying.  Right away, the volume starts out with a really lovely conversation with Heewon.  I… can’t decide if I actually really like or really hate Heewon, but she’s a great character all the same, and you have to admire her for following Joonha around all that time.  She was my last choice for Joonha all the way through, though.  Things don’t wrap up with her 100% how I expected, and I also kind of liked that.

The conversation between Joonha and Jinhoo that followed, along with any other parts with Joonha and Jinhoo, made this volume worth every penny.  Jinhoo is my hands-down favorite, and all the reminiscing the pair do with one another scores even more points.  It’s also all very well done.  I still hate Jinhoo’s girlfriend though, and I’m very disappointed with the somewhat lame device that went into play at the end of the last volume.

There’s a lot of Taehyun in this volume.  I like Taehyun well enough, but it’s a shame he came in last place for Joonha for the entire length of the series.  Even though I liked Jinhoo better, Taehyun didn’t deserve all the grief he got.  He’s also a very good character, and I probably would have favored him had he appeared in any other series.

I was kind of disappointed with the way things ended, but after reading the author notes in the back of the volume, I respected the ending a lot more.  She mentions that the ending is exactly what she had pictured from the beginning of the series, and even though readers wound up liking a different pairing better, she had to stick to her guns in the end because she liked it best that way.  She also mentions that the character that won wound up in dead last place in popularity polls, she only ever received one or two comments from readers that actually liked them, and even her assistants hated that character’s face whenever it showed up.  I frown upon endings that pander to the readers (or at least I do when it’s obvious, the pandering is probably a big reason why a lot of series are left open-ended or romantic matches are never resolved at the end of things), so reading that the author stuck with what she had in mind made me feel very good about the ending.

So is Click good all the way through?  YES!  Yes, yes, yes.  It’s one of the best gender identity series I’ve read, and it actually treats the subject a lot more seriously than normal (“normal” being the students who fake their gender to get into a school of the opposite gender, or generally any comedy series, or Cheeky Angel).  Add to that a really great set of characters with a well-defined romantic triangle, and you get this, which is just fantastic.  I wouldn’t call it a classic of girl comics, and I certainly would recommend the likes of Peach Girl or Paradise Kiss over this, but it’s not too far below those ones, you can be sure.  If you like shoujo, it’s an excellent read, and does what it set out to do in only 8 volumes.

Click 7

June 20, 2008

With a very, very positive outcome for Jinhoo and Joonha last volume, I was really looking forward to things wrapping up nicely in this volume and the next. We got some good scenes between the two, then some things went very, very wrong.

The first sign that things may not go well comes in a conversation between Joonha and his father where Joonha asks if it’s possible to love three people at once. Let me tell you, my absolute biggest pet peeve in any love triangle series is where the author totally wusses out in the end and doesn’t make the main character choose because “a lot of readers would be disappointed with one choice over another” or something like that. I will be absolutely heartbroken if this series ends that way, because that’s beyond forgiving, and it’s been so amazing so far.

There is a great scene between Jinhoo and his girlfriend, and then one that was not-so-great towards the end of the volume that makes me not really look forward so much to the conclusion next volume. Heewon is mostly out of the picture at this point, but you wouldn’t know this listening to Joonha, so who knows. Things look best for Taehyun, and this is after a rather final conversation between he and Joonha.

Bah. Who knows what will happen next volume. If it’s a draw, let us never speak of this again. Even Heewon, who I hate, would be better as the final partner than an indecisive ending, especially after this series has done so many things right.

Click 6

March 10, 2008

YES!  We finally, FINALLY get a bunch of time dedicated to Jinhoo and Joonha’s relationship!  Most of the volume is spent on Jinhoo torturing himself with feelings of love for Joonha, and the end of the volume has a scene with the two of them that I’ve been waiting for the entire series.

There was a lot of talk and not much action in this volume, but many things were dealt with.  The annoying girl (friend of Heewon) is driven away from Taehyun only by the latter convincing her that he is gay.  Taehyun still is deeply in love with Joonha, and after spreading that around as much as possible both in front of Joonha and around her back, Taehyun finally makes a bold move.  Heewon continues to treat her boyfriend badly, as we knew she would.

It’s hard, because while I think that Jinhoo and Joonha are the perfect couple, I wouldn’t be totally unhappy in Joonha winding up with Taehyun either.  It looks at this point like that is totally unlikely, so I can now wipe that from my mind and breathe a sigh of relief.

Jinhoo’s girlfriend still needs to be dealt with, and I’m looking forward to how that is handled.  He does love her, but she’s just not Joonha.  She’s known that all along, but I think… well, she does love Jinhoo.  It will be a delicate situation.

One thing that did bother me about this volume was the weird cuts through time.  Scenes jumped between characters really fast, to the point where you couldn’t tell what was happening when, especially early on in the volume.  It doesn’t hurt things too much, and it’s not detrimental since at this point in the series everyone reading it is familiar with the characters, but it’s still extremely disorienting.

I don’t really read them for fear of spoilers, but some of the general comments on Netcomics, which is now running the 8th and final volume of the series, suggest that perhaps things don’t wrap up as neatly as they should.  I’m a little worried about this, but then again, maybe the majority opinion differs from mine or something.  I don’t know.  I just know that I loved nearly every page of this volume.

Click 5

December 14, 2007

One thing I forgot to mention is that, with the exception of the childhood friend character, there is something extremely unlikable about all the characters.  They can all be at least a little abrasive, and all of them are manipulative in their own ways.  These are not goody two-shoes waiting around for people to notice them (though Heewon sort of played one for awhile as a ruse).  These people all come to take what they want.  It’ll be interesting to see what will happen, because they obviously aren’t all going to get their way.

I feel bad not using names consistently in these Click reviews, but I cannot keep two of the main character’s names straight (Joonha, who is the main character, and Jinhoo, who is his childhood friend).  It doesn’t help that sometimes their names are reversed in the books as well.  It was better reading two volumes together though, because I think that helped the names stick to the right characters.

In other news, yes, I still want Jinhoo and Joonha to get together.  Things were set up here so it looked like Jinhoo might stick to his girlfriend and Joonha may fall for Taehyun (the manly man he admires), but those were just hints.  Really, the stuff between Jinhoo and Joonha was all just hints too, and anything is speculation at this point, but… man, I want that pair to happen so bad.

Once again, not too much plot, but we find out a lot of backstory from Jinhoo’s girlfriend as she explains how she started dating Jinhoo and how the two have always acted towards one another.   It was interesting, and it helped support my theory… but really, something insane could happen like having Jinhoo wind up with Heewon, and it wouldn’t really surprise me much from this series.  It’s just so good.

Click 4

December 12, 2007

I shouldn’t read Click and After School Nightmare so close together.  They’re very similar series in theory, though this is the less fantasy and more drama-oriented version of the gender-neutral main character torn between loves.

The love triangles stretch out of shape in this series, though.  The main character admires a boy.  The boy loves her, but she outright rejects this love since she still sees herself as a man.  The main character still harbors a big crush on the loudmouth bad girl, who has a crush in return, but it seems like there may also be a quiet, stoic match for her in a different side character.  The main pair I’m interested in, though, is the main character and his old best friend.  I would love to see them get together more than anything, and it seems like they have the strongest relationship.  I can’t tell if the series is going to favor this or not, since at this point it could go one of three ways for the main character.  God I would love it if the two best friends got together, though.

Not too much plot in this volume save for lots and lots of character interaction, but a bomb is dropped at the end of the volume, and the best friend was featured prominently, so I was pretty content all the way through.  This series is seriously good, and I could probably consume it in one sitting if I happened to have all eight volumes.  Anyone into great girly drama should definitely check it out.

Click 3

October 17, 2007

Yay!  I really like this series, but like I said I have a hard time getting Netcomics volumes in a timely manner, so they wind up coming way late.  This one and Dokebi Bride are probably my favorites from that publisher currently, and I have a hard time waiting on them.

This continues to read like a cross between INVU and what Day of Revolution could have been if it didn’t suck.  It’s got some interesting character relationships, including at least three possible matches for the main character.  The main female character at the moment is going insanely delinquent throughout the volume, but she seems to be drawing more and more to the glasses-wearing assistant of the financial genius.  Not that either the glasses boy or she is admitting it.  As one dimensional as she is right now, she’s still really a cool character, and it’s a shame her cover was blown early.

The meeting between the main character and his old friend the piano prodigy was a bit of a letdown, but he seems to be sticking around, so that’s okay.  Secretly, I’m rooting for the pair of them, but the series seems to be leaning towards the main character and the financial genius, which I think I’m okay with too.

note to self: there’s a really horrible slip near the end of the volume.

I’d also like to note that the promotional quotes included on the back cover show very good taste.

Click 2

June 22, 2007

I was really, really happy with this second volume.  Like I said, I liked the first volume, but there’s so many bad directions a gender swap series like this could take, and I did just get burned by Day of Revolution.  But volume two is really shaping the series up into something interesting.

The main character begins to be buddy-buddy with a seemingly stupid playboy at school, who is mad at her for stealing his girlfriend… which she didn’t actually do.  The stupid playboy turns out to be a financial genius, and runs several business and stock deals from school, which is why his grades are bad.  His father fronts everything for him, and noone but a couple people know any better.  The main character decides that she wants to be exactly like him, and realizes she can do this regardless of gender, so she’s pretty pumped to be learning from him.  Several choice scenes go into this throughout the course of the volume.

It’s not automatically pairing her off with this guy, though.  The girl she’d been hitting on at he old school turns back up at this school.  She’s not forcing herself on the main character or anything, but she does want to be with her.  She’s also a TOTAL PSYCHOPATH who beats the shit out of people who antagonize her.  She’s turning out to be a really level, calm, and persistent character.

The main character cries a lot now when he sees her old best friend, the one she grew up with, all over the news for being a classic piano player.  In my heart of hearts, I want that to be the pair that works out.  It’s not gotten any special attention yet, but… I want that more than anything.

This one is definitely one to watch.  It’s probably my favorite Netcomics series along with Dokebi Bride now, and it’s working out really well so far.  I can’t wait for volume 3 to come out.  Actually, I may suck it up and read it on their website first, THAT’S how much I like this series.