There are two Comic Party series, the real one published by Tokyopop and created by Sekihiko Inui, and the other one published by CPM Manga and done by various artists. I will applaude CPM Manga, because this is more-or-less a doujinshi. It’s a version of Comic Party done by doujinshi artists telling different short stories involving the plot of the series in various ways. It’s nice that this sort of thing has a market, but I don’t know how viable, since it makes sense to do this with a series about doujinshi artists, but I dunno about anything else.

As for the plot itself… I don’t know anything about Comic Party aside from the fact that it’s about doujinshi artists. This didn’t help. The stories were all unrelated, the characters jumped around a lot (no idea if all of them are in the original series or just doujinshi-created), and even when a character did come back, the artists had different styles and it was hard to tell the same character from story to story. A lot of the stories weren’t really that great either… they were only a few pages long and didn’t make much sense. The only one I remember clearly is the first one, where they tried to make a girl draw a yaoi manga and it was too explicit. That one was sort of funny, but ended poorly. And it just went downhill from there. Again, I knew nothing about comic party before going in this, but geez, this didn’t make me wanna learn. This was incredibly boring. Maybe Comic Party fans would like this sort of thing, but I did not.