Delivery Cupid

September 14, 2007

The one Boysenberry launch title that sounded interesting to me was the one that came out first.  This is good, because I was really looking forward to it.  Cupids and all… I’m into that.

The volume is actually a set of short stories, with the first four tied together by having all the characters assisted by “God” and a helper.  The first one, the one for which the anthology gets its name, is about a half human/angel boy who is trying to earn his wings.  He’s not very good at being an angel though, so they send him on one final task, the easiest mission he can be sent on.  Of course, things go wrong and… well, he gets it up the ass.

The second story involves “God” rewarding a kind boy with a love beam gun.  The boy has a crush on an unsuspecting classmate, and when he uses the gun… well, he gets it up the ass.

The next one’s more sweet and innocent.  The main character still gets it up the ass, but you forget afterwards and fill in the blank with hand holding, because that’s the kind of couple this is.

In the last story in this set, a terminally ill male and a shinigami “black angel” fall in forbidden love.  They… you know, and the angel loses his privileges.

The first unrelated story has lots of popsicles in it.  You can imagine where that goes.  Later, it’s right up the ass.

In the last story, a boy gets fired from the job of his dreams at a five star restaurant.  He befriends a homeless man outside the restaurant that night, and the two wind up sleeping together.  This doesn’t go where you think it does, and they don’t even so much as touch.  It turns out that the boy was fired for not submitting to his former manager’s sexual harassment.  No sex in this one, which is shocking, especially since it’s followed by a very short (4-page) story about the first couple where the former cupid is oiled up and taking it up the ass.

If you’re looking for all the sex without the drama, this volume was pretty silly.  Nothing terribly graphic or long, but there were some really funny setups, and there really was abrupt sex throughout.  It was a pretty good change of pace from all the other BL I read, especially since I was just coming off of the particularly dramatic Fake Fur.

Caveats for this one include ambiguous ages (some of the couples look older/younger, which still makes me very upset, but the ages are never given and nothing is taken seriously, so it’s pretty easy to overlook) and a possible non-con scene at the beginning, but as terrible as I feel about non-con whenever it happens, this one actually wasn’t so much non-con since the boy kinda sorta did want to be with this dude, and it was his soulmate, and it was just so silly.

Best line in any BL manga I’ve read: “Time for car sex.”