January 21, 2007

I don’t know how to feel about this one.  It’s more expensive than a regular graphic novel because it’s colored.  It’s also very short and very intense.

If you like negative space, this one will give you a great deal of satisfaction.  The negative space is blocked out in different colors throughout depending on what the situation is.  Browns at the beginning, oranges and yellows when the pair’s relationship is going well, pinks during Mitsu’s weird-outs, and green at the very end.   Basically it’s about a relationship between a musician and a girl he sees one day and falls instantly in love with.  He perserveres and the girl agrees to see him, and they eventually start dating even though it appears the girl never consents to it.  She’s slightly unbalanced, she cuts and the boy who used to date her shows up to say that she just becomes what it is she thinks is the ideal.

The art is good, and the use of color is amazing.  It’s very intense.  I… wouldn’t put it up with my favorite series, though.