May 6, 2007

This series is just… beyond fantastic.  I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this second volume.  I really, really wish I could just consume every volume of this series ASAP, but I know I’ve got to be patient with DramaQueen, especially since I think they’re more into cranking out BL series.  But their shoujo is fine stuff indeed.

This is just about everything that was great in the first volume, plus some.  There’s still no real goal or conflict, though the battle between Ddam and her illusions gets amplified a bit by the end of the volume.  It really is just Venu and DD continuously talking to her.  They themselves often enter elaborate fantasy scenarios while they talk which are comparable to Ddam’s illusions, so you have this awesome level of not-quite-fantasy going on.  My favorite moment for that was probably when the two were explaining a frog story in their own separate ways.  Venu’s involved a really cute frog costume and a rap.

A huge chunk of what goes on in this volume is revenge against Ddam’s boyfriend.  The final outcome is just… unbelievable.  I laughed so hard.  Ddam really had no part in this revenge, so really it was just Venu and DD helping her out.  DD turns out to be a really, really nice guy, and yet there’s no hint of romance whatsoever between any of the three main characters, which is kind of refreshing in a shoujo manga.

I have no idea where this series is going to go next, but really, I’m there with it all the way.  If you are not reading this series, you absolutely need to be.


January 6, 2007

I love this so much!  I like it in the same way I like Paradise Kiss, but I hesitate to compare the two because they are very different.  About the only link is the sense of style, and in this case it doesn’t have anything to do with fashion.  Both series also feature a punked-out character.  That’s about it.

It starts off everything with a breakup, and Ddam is so heartbroken she decides to kill herself, but plans out the perfect death to a T.  While shopping, she buys a dress which requires more… cleavage, so she also buys a padded bra to wear.  The larger bra has someone’s phone number on it, so she decides to call it and spend her last day with them.

The phone number comes from Venu, and to a lesser extent, DD, two guys who have decided to live a loser life.  Though Venu is so good-looking he is constantly approached by modeling agencies, he cares not for this and instead obsesses over breasts.  Constantly.  Normally this would bother me, but when it is the only thing coming out of a character’s mouth constantly for an entire volume, I tend to be okay with it.  The two also discuss things in public they probably shouldn’t, have spitting contests when one of them catches someone’s eye, and play cat’s cradle with loose threads on people’s clothes while they’re riding the train.

Ddam’s got real eyelashes (DD’s thing), but fake breasts (Venu’s obsession).  Things go rather oddly after the two guys meet up with her, and it’s a mix of awkward and awesome.  It seems more about these weird social relationships that the characters keep more than anything else, and not just with each other, but how they show themselves to minor characters or even strangers on the street.  It’s got no direction as of yet, but the problem presented in the first volume resolves itself, and I’m hardcore wanting more.

Ddam also sees things.  Hallucinations.  If she touches them three times, they go away, but these oddities make their way into the story and give it an extra level of… magic, I suppose, that I can forgive because it doesn’t exist.

It’s FANTASTIC.  It is so hardcore shoujo good, I think anyone reading stuff like Nana and… well, Nana, would be all over it.  About the only bad thing I can think of right now is that some may be put off by the strange art style, but that can be easily overlooked once you get going.  I’m so sad Drama Queen releases it, because not only are they small, shounen ai is more their bread and butter and it seems like volume 2 hasn’t been solicited yet even though volume 1 came out some months ago.  I will be watching this series like a hawk.