Fake Fur

September 12, 2007

I have a lot of trouble when it comes to BL series.  There are rules.  No dirty stuff in high school.  No incest.  No  older/younger.  A lot of series fail these rules.  Fake Fur fails a bit on the older/younger for hinting at it, but it’s only a couple featured in a side story, so it’s not as unfortunate as usual.

The whole thing is narrated in a rather intimate first person style that works really well.  It’s a series of short stories roughly geared around the same character most of the time.  The first story is about him falling in love with his straight friend from high school, and they hold hands and kiss et al, but nothing rougher than that.  Thank you.  Next, while in college, the main character becomes depressed and enters into a weird sexual relationship with a guy who takes him in.  This doesn’t make the main character feel very good, but if you’re looking for action, there’s a wee bit, and they are consenting adults.

I… think there’s another story involving the main character and a buddy he gets in college.  It was a really cute one where the buddy comes around to his feelings.  This one and the first probably tied for my favorites in the volume.

The last story dealt with the characters in the middle story, “Fake Fur,” and it was about the aforementioned older/younger couple, the older one being the one that took the main character in.  Didn’t really like this one at all, but that’s okay.

Overall I liked Fake Fur quite a bit.  I bought it because of the title and the rather innocent-sounding plot description.  The title’s got nothing to do with the inside, but it was still a pretty good book of BL, and it didn’t put me off, so major points for that.