Full Moon 7

November 12, 2006

As I said, I really liked the plot. I had a good idea of how the series would end. I should have known that my version would have little to do with what would actually happen. But the series begs my version in the beginning.

I was SO MAD at the end of this series. I can’t talk about it unless I spoil it. So here.






Miki doesn’t die? Miki doesn’t DIE? What the hell. Every volume of the goddamn series has told you that Miki will die regardless. I should have known, because it was a Ribon series, but I thought perhaps since there were already so many dead characters, it would come to pass, and they’d just have a big dead party at the end.

But if this wasn’t a big enough insult, TAKUTO ISN’T DEAD EITHER. Apparently he slipped into a coma when he committed suicide, and everyone lost track of him and only thought he was dead. The catalyst when Miki isn’t killed by the king and queen of the shinigami world or whatever supposedly killed off Takuto’s shinigami body as well, since the scythe went straight through him and through Miki. He fades away, and I assume there’d be some sort of discussion about he and Eichi watching over Miki, because she was not dead. Of course, he reunites with Miki, very much alive, at the end. Oh my God, that’s like the series just spitting straight in my face on the last four pages. Especially since Takuto is roughly only a few years younger than Miki’s dad. That made me cry a little inside.
And of course poor Eichi is drug up one last time before we go. He is expelled from Miki’s body by her love for Takuto, he cries a little about it, and then disappears. Miki comments about how the sky seems like it’s smiling at her. Eichi smiled a bit, but… it was so wrong, so inappropriate.

The real kicker is that both Miki and Takuto can talk in the end. Miki’s surgery went well of course, so she can keep being Full Moon, and Takuto was just healed with all the energy from the King and Queen shinigami. Maybe he can’t sing, it doesn’t specify that he can sing, but he can talk. It’s just insult to injury really.

The series promised so much, and just… didn’t produce. I really wanted a sad ending. Not only did I get a happy ending, I got a happy ending that defied all logic laid forth in the story. Well, that’s Ribon for you, I guess.

Full Moon 6

November 12, 2006

I… don’t know when I read this one. Somehow I just completely skipped over writing about it without even realizing it. But I have to talk about this one before I talk about the next and last one, so here we go.

This series became completely nonsensical. I still really like the plot, and I like the characters, but the things that happened in this volume just… came out of nowhere, and made absolutely no sense to me. They talk about feelings A LOT. I’m serious. I read shoujo, so I know this is typically a common occurrence, but here it seems to be a major part of the plot, and I just don’t understand how all the character emotions are related to what will eventually happen to Mitsuki. There’s a huge buildup to Jonathan pulling a major switcheroo, except I didn’t understand most of the buildup save for the fact Meroko and Takuto thought it may be good to erase Miki’s name from the condemned list.

Then Jonathan changed. This was a pretty significant thing, except it was not as big a shock as everyone in the story made it out to be. First off, there was no indication or hint that the two characters introduced here even existed, so that took some of the edge off. The second is that Jonathan clearly had something up his sleeve ever since he was introduced. Plus, what he did, again, didn’t make much sense. If he was going to do the thing, DO IT. You don’t need that much fanfare to take care of something like that.

Also, inexplicably, they introduce a rival for Takuto’s affections instead of Miki. Huh? Why? And why so late in the series? Please.

Full Moon 5

May 29, 2006

I read three straight volumes of manga without having one wow me. I still really love this series, I love the plot and characters a lot, and I’m really looking forward to seeing it wrap up, particularly with all the tantalizing death hints that Arina’s been offering up lately, but there’s just TOO MUCH EMO. A scene at the beginning where Meroko was thinking about going back completely missed me, and maybe it’s because it had been too long since I read the last volume. But I did not understand what the two were talking about when they were saying Meroko needed to open her heart to the past. What the hell.

It was nice to see Meroko make up with the past later though, in both forms, and that’s the kind of stuff I like to see in this series. I also really liked getting the bits on Izumi, he’s quite the sad boy stuck in his situation. Takuto was getting kind of annoying, and he didn’t really have a big role this time around, but that’s okay. I also really liked the darker stalker story, but I hated how Mitsuki just had to angst and angst about it. Ugh.

The thing I like most about this series is the whole death aspect… sadly, I could care less about most of the character relationships that don’t involve the shinigami (or, and this made me want to tear the thing up, “shinigamiiz”). I like finding out about how the shinigami died and seeing their old lives, I like seeing how their old lives sort of weave into the story, and I like hearing about their job. And the thing I love about the plot is that, presumably, Mitsuki will die. She just will, in the end, and although they found a way out of it in the anime and I have a feeling they could easily do it in the manga, that has been the most intriguing aspect of the series for me all the way through. Here’s hoping we’ll get to see a little death coming up.

Full Moon 4

December 17, 2005

Well, I’ve been a bad girl again, but this time because of finals. But that’s all behind me now. However, Full Moon 4 will stick with you for quite some time. I love Full Moon, and I still do. There is plenty much character interaction here. Lots of relationships between characters change, we find out a lot about Mi-ki, a revelation is made about her singing, and we get a ton of backstory for one of the characters, along with a couple adorable flashbacks. The backstory was extremely heartbreaking and I didn’t see it coming at all when I first read it… it sort of tied together into everything else in a rather unexpected way, and I hated(actually liked) that the went back to a certain earlier part of the story, because it was just so sad.

What’s also sad is that we’ll have to wait until FOREVER for volume 5. I got quite used to my monthly releases, thankyouverymuch.

Full Moon 3

October 13, 2005

God, this comic is SO GOOD! It still has such amazing characters, situations for the characters, and it still manages to be cute and serious and everything about it is perfect.

I LOVED the events from this volume. We find out a lot of stuff about nearly everyone except Jonathan. I particularly enjoyed the Eichi revelation, that had a nice impact on everyone. No, that was trumped by the bit that was revealed by Takuto. This series sometimes does things that punch you in the face, and this is one of them. Its these types of story twists that I love best, the kind that make my stomach hurt and make me wanna cry, and that’s why I love this series. It deals in a pretty serious topic, death… but I think it does it better than any series, more heartwrenching than Bleach, which is a completely different series that deals in the same subject… but this one makes me feel bad for the characters a lot more.

God, such a good volume. I think anyone who reads shoujo comics should probably be looking to read this, but that may be my bias because I think it’s the best series ever written, ever. And it is. Fuck it, that’s not my bias, it just IS.

edited later to take out profanity: oh my god, I was so wrong about this series.  I left in that last profanity just to show you how comically wrong I really was.

Full Moon 2

September 9, 2005

Do I still love this series? Yes. Yes I do. I could barely contain myself when I had to hold out until the end of the month for it. It’s one of the few, if not the only series I don’t feel bad about buying on a monthly basis.

So! There’s plenty of mushy garbagey stuff, which I like in this series and no other for whatever reason. Takuto has the hots for Mi-ki (which I’m sad they don’t call her in the English version), Meroko has the hots for Takuto, Meroko is jealous of Mi-ki and is afraid she has the return hots for Takuto, Mi-ki only has eyes for Eichi, and DOES Izumi have a crush on who he says he does? I don’t seem to remember that. Anyway, hijinks ensue, but I forgive it here.

Also, there’s a sappy scene with Madoka that was bad, but I also forgive.

You know what’s the most awesome about this series? The shinigami and the death element. This theme is incorporated in so well, and all the shinigami are so likeable, it makes the series absolutely impossible to put down. I don’t know if I actually like Mitsuki or not, but she is so adorable, and she has death hanging constantly over her head which makes you feel bad for her.

It’s SO GOOD. And why isn’t volume three out yet? And WHY DO I HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL APRIL FOR VOLUME 5? WHY?!

Full Moon 1

July 22, 2005

So the blogging script on my site broke… back to this until I can reinstall it, which blows. I don’t want to forget which manga I read though, because that would be tragic. Plus I’ll forget unless I jot something down.

This was every bit as good both as I remembered and I expected. Meroko calling Mitsuki flatty titties or whatever was just a bonus. This was every bit as sad and achingly cute as I remember it. It is ADORABLE. And SAD. For instance, there’s two people who transform into cute stuffed animals! Whoops… they committed suicide when they were alive. Ooh! There’s Mitsuki living out her dream! Oops… she has throat cancer and will die in a year.

The one thing I am interested in (other than everything about the series) is the ending. Which I shouldn’t talk about right now.

Meroko was very adorable, and probably my favorite part of the manga at this point. She can be really annoying, but she’s so adorable, and she has such good intentions… and really, she seems to be the most knowledgable and down-to-earth character in the series when things get tight. And I do really like her. She’s a bunny, for god’s sake. Mitsuki’s a bit too annoying and upbeat, but I can deal with that, as it is probably the only thing I can think of that’s even remotely displeasing about the series.

No, I take that back. The TRIM SIZE is extremely annoying in this volume. Goddamn.