Happy Happy Clover 3

September 14, 2009

Sayuri Tatsuyama – Viz – 2009 – 5 volumes

I don’t really have all that much to add over what I said last time about this series.  It’s an all ages title, about friends of the forest-type animals (a group of four bunnies and their friends, which includes flying squirrels, falcons, foxes, and all sorts of other things).  They get into various types of trouble and learn very important lessons.  Or sometimes not, but all the stuff that goes on is pretty cute without being overbearing and moralistic.

The two chapters that stood out the most to me was one near the beginning where Clover believes her best friend Mallow has turned her back on her without a word and started hanging out with other people.  Clover learns that you should never assume the worst about your BFF, though in this case Mallow runs away from Clover every time she sees her, so I’m not sure how that works.

The other was a fun story where Clover suddenly decides to get a board game she loaned to her friend Blackberry.  The problem is that Blackberry is a bear, and she has to sneak into Blackberry’s house without waking him or his mom up.  Blackberry wakes up anyway, and in order to prevent him from going berserk (I don’t know, either), they tell him he’s having a dream and play the boardgame with him.  See?  Very nice story.

Other themes include asking for help when you need it, avoiding procrastination since sometimes it affects others, and… uh, knowing when your neighbor has a twin that makes fun of you?

There’s lots of silly stuff here, and it’s a pretty fun all ages read.  It’s not something I would ever pick up myself, but for what it is, it’s pretty fun.

This was a review copy provided by Viz.

Happy Happy Clover 2

June 3, 2009

This is another kids manga with short chapters.  Unlike the other one I’ve reviewed recently, Leave it to PET, this one has more normal stories with the usual kind of morals at the end.

The stories focus on a group of bunnies, Clover and her three friends, and their various adventures in the forest.  In this volume, Clover learns the importance of getting and keeping a job, how to do a job right rather than fast, why you should always be nice to your parents, how to be Santa Claus, what to do in case a little girl decides to keep you as a pet, and other similar light, happy stories.  There’s never anything too scary going on, and for the most part, Clover just runs around and has fun with her friends.  This volume contains 13 stories, each about 15 pages long.  Each story is followed by a cramped little cartoon corner that usually gives more background on a character or whatever happened in the previous chapter, and the end of the book contains several four-panel strips.

Hmm.  Well, obviously this isn’t something I would pick up for myself, but I also have to admit I liked it a little less than some of the other kids manga I’ve read lately like Leave it to PET and The Big Adventures of Majoko.  It’s not really annoying to read, and there’s nothing bad in it, so I’m sure it’ll appeal to little girls that like to watch friends of the forest frolicking and being cute together.

This was a review copy provided by Viz.