Hell Baby

November 23, 2005

My roommate was completely obsessed with obtaining this volume after seeing one spread of it in Japanese in his “Golden Age of Comics” class, and I was rather shocked when I found it in English, so I went ahead an ordered it. There’s surprisingly little text, and the story’s so simplistic that it reads as a parody… except that the ending is so lame that it’s not even close to parody.

I don’t know. Maybe it’s not parody, it’s just really old. There are many fine points about it, like how the baby eventually consumes people in the most comic way possible… and Blast Books did a good job with the “shriek! shriek!” sound effects. It was kind of awesome. But there was little going on save for one sort of weird driving plot, the chapters were a matter of pages, and the ending was a huge let-down.

Not worth the trouble of tracking down, really.