Immortal Rain 8

January 13, 2008

Wow. I forgot nearly everything about this series in the wait between volumes (volume 9 still hasn’t come out in Japan, though a prequel volume was released recently), but the story was still totally engrossing and just… very lovely.

So the group seems to be wanting to stop a laser cannon that is firing on the planet from outer space. The entire volume takes place on an island where the controls for this weapon are. There are lots of traps and minor scuffles, but mostly there is an intense battle that involves Rain, Machika, Dora Folk, and Ys. Rain gives up his immortality, which seems odd, and the general mood of the scene is that it was almost… a gift from Ys. One he’s not willing to give someone else. Bad things happen when he parts with it.

There’s not much I can say about it other than it’s a beautiful piece of shoujo storytelling, though it can be a bit awkward and hard to get into.  I spent most of the volume trying to mentally fit the pieces of plot back together from what I’d read previously, but the best bits of the story weren’t until the end of the volume, when I had everything figured out.  It was very much worth it.

Immortal Rain 7

February 19, 2007

Everything continues to be cute and terribly romantic, and the caper that Eury and Rain pull in the amusement park is really something.  The moment I liked best, aside from the intended sweet reunion, was probably when Eury had to get away from Dora Folk, which was surprisingly epic considering what it was.  When he had to deal with Ayla and her hate later, that was also quite good.  I’m liking Ayla less and less due to the grudge she seems to be holding specifically for Eury (though maybe this is specifically due to something earlier that I can’t remember… I don’t remember Ayla’s story at all), though Machika has made her way into my good books for the time being.

There are author’s notes here instead of character profiles, and she complains about being kind of flaky a lot and how it takes her about a year for each book.  I know volume 8 is out already, but I don’t know how many more are going to come out after that and I have a feeling we’re only going to get one a year until the thing wraps up.

Immortal Rain 6

February 19, 2007

This one was pretty good.  We do get a reunion in a sense, if only fleeting, but it was so sweet and well-done that I didn’t mind too much the circumstances.  The reunion, the buildup to it and the buildup to the event to finally reunite Rain and Machika was pretty much all this volume consisted of.  It felt like it only lasted a second while I read it, but it was an amazing second all the same.

Not only does this series continue to be terribly romantic, it also does a lot of awesome cinematic things as well.  The way she handles her panels and their flow are quite amazing, particularly when she is dealing with Rain.  There are a few scenes with Rain in this volume which are to die for.  The art is good, nothing spectacular, but it’s the way she handles the panels and negative space in many instances that really blow me away.

We also find out the meaning of the name “Meteor Methusela” in a rather epic and lovely moment, probably my favorite in the volume.

Immortal Rain 5

February 15, 2007

I haven’t read this series in forever, which is kind of weird because I remember really, really loving the first four volumes and going through them rather quickly.

This volume is mostly Machika, who I still don’t really like, but she’s definitely improved since the beginning, and it’s nice to see that her feelings for Rain are so strong that she’s become a bum begging for money on the street to try and get money to travel and find him. This is actually one of the most romantic series I think I’ve read, as random commentary about how the characters feel is sprinkled throughout the scenes, and this commentary actually hits home a lot more than most series. The relationship between Machika and Rain is just that strong, you see.

I like Rain the best though. He really doesn’t play much of a part in this volume though, which was a big bummer for me. Because I’ve developed this big mental block with Machika, though the romantic sentiments still ring true when they come from her, Rain’s sentiments just feel better. Rain needs to come back into the story and play his part very soon, because I missed him this volume.

The other characters I have trouble keeping straight, but there just seems to be something off about both Sharem and Ys. Ys has an obvious reason, since he’s insane and in the body of a little kid at the moment, but he acts very nice, and there’s a creepy contrast between that and the fact you know he’s got the desire to kill everybody. Sharem seemed to me like an emotionless person who would do anything, no matter how desperate, to get what she wanted. She’s got Ys now, and this has also softened her into a nicer person, which again is a creepy contrast with the emotionless person from earlier volumes.

Yeah, I’ll probably be going through the other two volumes of this before too long, too.

Immortal Rain 4

November 12, 2006

And so here we get what would be the end of any other series.  The faceoff between Rain and Yuca.  I knew the series was moving fast, but even I couldn’t believe that it had happened already.

There’s some action leading up to the confrontation… Rain and Machika fight a bunch of Sharem’s minions within the underground facility, but Sharem shows up with Yuca pretty quickly.  There’s a really good scene with Rain and Machika (who I am growing a bit more fond of, but still isn’t a favorite of mine), and then a truly epic face-off between Yuca and Methusela.  It has a note of the final to it, but I know the series is still running, and I realize that what was said at the end was probably true, so I’m looking forward to see… well, what the rest of the series is about.  I hope that it’s just as good as these past two volumes were.

And again, really, this one was great.  I can’t say very much about it because… well, because, but it was a REALLY REALLY good volume.  This series should rank up there with the really good serious stuff like Saikano and Monster, I think.  But I don’t know that very many people read it, and that’s a real shame.  Well, I only just found out about it.  Maybe it’ll gain momentum as other people find out too.

Immortal Rain 3

November 12, 2006

Wow. I read this and 4 back to back and just… wow. This series is amazing. I compared it to Trigun earlier, and there are similarities. Certainly between Rain and Vash the Stampede. But this volume put it way over the Trigun manga (which, to be fair, I don’t like as well as the anime).

This entire volume is the flashback I figured wouldn’t come for awhile yet. This series doesn’t fuck around, it delivers. The face-off between Rain and Methusela would generally be the last thing that happens, but it builds straight up to it within the first two volumes. The murky past is revealed in volume 3, and it is quite heartbreaking.

Rain was a priest, which I think is okay to say since he dresses as one quite often. He lived with another priest and two nuns in an orphanage out in the middle of nowhere, and he had a little crush on one of the nuns.

The way he becomes immortal at the hands of the Methusela is just… incredible. There’s plenty sick and twisted about it, and the test he has to go through is beyond belief, not only in its scope, but in its end as well.

This is a really, REALLY good series. We’re talking serious high quality here. The first two volumes were okay/really good, but the character history and the actual aim of the series is what makes it incredible. You find this out three volumes in.

Immortal Rain 1

August 27, 2006

I like the Tokyopop title much better than the Japanese. “Meteor Methusela” is kind of a strange one, and I’m not quite sure where the “Meteor” part even comes from two volumes into the series.

After one chapter of this, I had decided Rain was totally Vash the Stampede. My opinion has not been dissuaded thus far. This is not a bad thing, as the Trigun anime is still my favorite of all time, and I love Vash. There are a lot of similarities between the two. Both are dopey and complacent, but get serious when things get rough, both live in the desert, both have huge bounties on their head, both have enemies they’re saving themselves for, both are tall, both have lived a long time, and both are immune to death. Both have lost loves with long, dark hair that they make oblique references to early on, and Machika and Meryl are both very similar.

Hell, this series IS Trigun, except I got pissed at the Trigun manga after awhile because it got too weird. No signs of bad in this one so far, though I hated Machika in the first volume.