Imperfect Hero 3

July 13, 2006

So here’s the last volume already! The ending was kind of a letdown for me, and I thought it was going to be majorly bad, but it pulled itself up on the very last couple pages. I loved the very last panel, as it seemed to satisfy everyone concerned. I did want to see Midorikawa pull off some feat in the end, but then again, he would no longer be the “Imperfect Hero,” I suppose.

I also liked all the drama on the dark side. They did all that drama with three main characters, two secondary, and a bunch of foot soldiers. I loved pretty much everything about the dark side though, no matter how bad the jokes were, they were always funny.

Even though the romance was painfully shallow, I also thought it was really cute, as Mayura seemed to genuinely like Midorikawa. She did many nice things, and in the end he reciprocated. With… results.

So overall… yeah. Sentai! It’s pretty good, but it’s shallow.

Imperfect Hero 2

July 13, 2006

Ugh. I didn’t like the sudden interest in Midorikawa from G-Pink. The series would’ve been fine as a series of mishaps with Mayura and G5 without a romantic triangle. Oh well. I liked Midorikawa and G-Pink just fine, and I like that she took a clear interest in him over G-Blue and G-Yellow. I was also secretly wondering if Midorikawa would get rid of Mayura and get together with G-Pink in the end.

I also liked that he randomly had sisters that show up. It was sort of a terrible story element (they were pretty “what the fuck?!”), but on the other hand, the other Rangers jealousy in his hot older sister and twin nurse little sisters was priceless.

And yes, even Mayura was cute. I loved Mayura too, as obnoxious as she was.

Imperfect Hero 1

July 13, 2006

Yay! More sentai comics in English! Let’s make a list of all of them!

1. Campus Cop Duklyon
2. Imperfect Hero

Duklyon was actually better than this one. I LOVE Sentai in general, though. I wish we would get Shinesman manga. But this is better than nothing. It’s flawed, as the characters are all stereotypes, but it definitely stands out of the crowd. I loved the constant jokes about G-Green being invisible to all the fans of the G-5, and I liked that the character sort of reflected that, even though he was kind of a wussy stereotype. I loved him and Mayura both, and they were both huge stereotypes (Mayura the pushy, obnoxious girl). They’re both so sweet though. I liked the plot set up in this volume where he often lies and disgraces himself in front of the other members of G-5 to keep Mayura a secret.

The humor mostly falls flat, but the spirit of the series is so honestly sweet and good, and it is a Sentai show, so it’s basically impossible for me to dislike it. I know it’s not for everyone, but it will break up the monotony in your otherwise bland manga palate. Plus it’s a Dr. Master series, so it’s only 3 volumes long! I LOVE IT.