Instant Teen 4

June 26, 2005

The last volume. Not a terribly good series, just entertaining and long enough that I feel slightly guilty about buying it, but really have no regrets.

God, it did get absolutely sacchrine-sweet adorable at the end, though. Natsumi was kind of annoying because she is such a child compared to Asanuma, but something tells me that perhaps Asanuma is a bit advanced for his age. But geez, I shouldn’t have liked that storyline with him moving away so much, but I did. It was so sweet, and so CUTE. They went to an amusement park… and the ending was very satisfactory.

If you like cute, and you like little kids, and aren’t really annoyed by shallow plot or overbearing characters, it’s a decent enough series. Really.

Instant Teen 3

April 13, 2005

This series is a guilty pleasure in the fact that I buy it. I actually don’t think I like it that much… or at all. The main character’s pretty obnoxious. But as a Nakayoshi series (or maybe Ribon?), it’s got infinite amounts of adorable, and the artist draws the older girls pretty cute, so I do like enough things about it to make the four volume investment.

The thing about Natsumi becoming an adult slowly was kind of lame, but necessary in the series, I guess. I like the introduction of the rival character who has bigass Cacao nuts to make her transform into a beautiful woman, but I don’t like the fact that’s she’s actually already an adult, because it makes her seem kind of pathetic. What I did like is the fact that she continually had to challenge Natsumi to contests, and always wound up winning.

Also surprisingly good was the short story at the end of the volume focusing on Asnuma. I actually liked the events told from his perspective, and the way the love story kind of blossomed, because he’s relatively level-headed, and it was quite entertaining.

The covers to this series are easily some of the best American manga covers period. I LOVE the gimmick, and the illustrations are so cute and fit so well in with it, too. American covers in general are usually a lot better than the Japanese ones. Also, bonus points to whoever did the Hands Off ad in the back and used that stupid pun :p