Fuuri Misasagi – 801 Media – 2010 – 1 volume

I reviewed this for the weekly Manga Minis column at the Manga Recon, so you can check it out over there.

I didn’t like it. Not at all. But it did make me realize I haven’t touched an 801 book since they launched with that Fumi Yoshinaga title, so I’m going to make an effort to pick up a few. Ze sounds like their best, but they’ve also published titles by Youka Nitta and… uh, whoops, not Masara Minase, like I thought.

Seriously, how’s come there aren’t more Masara Minase manga available in English? Her art’s really good, and from what I’ve read, her stories are just about everything required of a yaoi manga. And it looks like she’s written dozens of volumes, many with older couples. I’d take anything. Well, almost anything. Maybe not “Father Complex,” since that sounds terrifying.


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