November 6, 2011

Shushushu Sakurai – DramaQueen – 2011 – 1 volume

Yay, DramaQueen released a new volume! It can be hard to find, but it will always be available direct from DramaQueen, so pick it up there if you are at all inclined. I’m buying all their releases to support them, in hopes that they can start putting book out on a regular schedule again. It looks like they’ve been producing one every six months lately. Hopefully Mandayuu and Me will be coming soon.

Honestly, I’m not the biggest fan of BL action books, and I disliked Missing Road by the same author, so this was a 100% support purchase on my part. Happily, I liked this much better than Missing Road, but even still, it was not really my flavor.

Junk is a government agent tasked with catching a criminal named “X.” During a sting operation, of sorts, Junk’s team corners X, but his team is double-crossed by the government, who swoops in to snatch X out of his hands. Not agreeing with the shake-up, and somehow taken with X, Junk offers aid to X, and the two, along with Junk’s team, go into hiding from the government. Turns out X’s real name is Cross, and he’s on a mission to kill a man named “Nagil.” Nagil has many body doubles, but Cross only wants to kill the one man. Junk offers to help him, and suggests sticking with him is the safest. The government can’t use lethal force against Junk due to a top secret he carries with him.

And, of course, because this is a BL book, the two have sex. There’s some running away melodrama, death melodrama, a little bit of everything for those with a taste for darker stories.

I’m more interested in the romance aspect of BL books, and action-oriented stories like this tend to forego romance and character development in favor of a slightly more complex plot. But the romance aspects are still there, because it’s BL, so I have to sit through not-sexy-at-all sex scenes where two dudes simply have sex while the government hunts them down. Not my idea of fun, but I’m sure it appeals to many out there.

I did like this better than Missing Road. The plot of this one at least makes sense, and it’s easy to follow along with. Missing Road was… a bit more out there, and harder for me to comprehend.

Again, I would encourage you to buy this, since every purchase helps support DramaQueen and their future projects. It’s not a bad book, and it makes me happy to see anything from them. Mandayuu and Me, the next book they’re putting out, is also by Shushushu Sakurai, and it sounds a little more promising. It’s a romance, and one of the partners is a hentai artist. That can only go good places.