Land of Silver Rain 7

December 20, 2007

Okay, so here’s the end, and it was every bit as fantastic as the first volume.  Do you remember how much I liked that?  I earmarked this as a favorite series based solely on the strength of that one volume.  Though the mythology is slightly convoluted, I absolutely love the world this series has made for itself as far as the two Dokebi races go, what their function is, and the romances and roles all the characters connected to the Dokebi world have.  This is truly where the series excels.

There’s a bit of plot introduced right at the end that you can kind of see coming, but I liked it, so I didn’t mind it too much.  Most of the volume concerns sorting out what Misty-Rain will do as a human and what her role in the Dokebi world is rather than what is to be done about Sirius and his pact with the Sea Witch.

The epilogue is just great.  I thought maybe things weren’t going to turn out like I thought, but I was happy to see all the loose ends tied up.  It was wonderful.

Yeah.  I don’t know if I can call this a great series.  I feel like the middle parts could have been condensed and this series would have made a fantastic 5 volumes, but as it stands, it’s got a really great first and last volume, an okay volume 2 and 6, and a middle part which can be hard to get through if you prefer the fantasy setting.  When it does its fantasy thing though, I think it is one of the best.  For what it’s worth.

Land of Silver Rain 6

December 20, 2007

Because this series is turning back into a fantasy for the end, I’m enjoying it a lot more.  Much of the expected things happen here as far as final outcome goes.  For instance, Misty-Rain starts to come around and realize how much Sirius means to her, Hanbit realizes Misty-Rain is a real person… stuff like that.  Bounty hunters come from the magical world and try to collect Sirius for the Unicorn kingdom, and the Sea Witch also makes an attempt on Sirius.

There’s a pretty typical camping trip involved, but it seemed okay at this stage in the series because Sirius was pretty much on his way out of the human world, one way or another, and it was sort of a farewell with all his friends.  During the camping trip, Sirius and Misty-Rain run into Thornpricker and the small group is attacked.  Most of the last third of the volume is a pretty epic battle where the Sea Witch tries to take Sirius and make him use the third potion which binds him to her forever.   The battle isn’t fantastic, but it is pretty epic.

There’s some stuff which doesn’t make sense with the bounty hunters in the earlier part of the volume… Sirius has to hide, from them and move from place to place, and eventually winds up taking Misty-Rain with him so that the bounty hunters don’t exploit her as a weakness for him.  Misty-Rain doesn’t really like this, and it strains their relationship once again.

Basically, this volume is loads better than what’s been going on the past few volumes.  I believe this is due solely to the fact that it’s not trying to be a comedy anymore, and I really much prefer it this way.

Land of Silver Rain 5

July 5, 2007

Though still not nearly as good as the first volume, I feel like the series is starting to recover and get things together in preparation for the conclusion.  Misty-Rain gets her memories back, though it doesn’t really change much.  The nature of Sirius’s agreement with the Sea Witch is revealed, and some people take steps to prevent his unfortunate fate should things go as planned.  Misty-Rain’s annoying roommate may have, or be related to, the King of the Dokebis, which is interesting and the full nature of this hasn’t yet been revealed.

I think we’re going to start to see more and more of the goings-on in the Dokebi World again starting next volume, which was where things were best.  After meandering for so long on this long tangent in the human world, I feel like it’s really, really time to get back to fantasy, because it certainly isn’t working as a romantic comedy.

So as a transition, it works to get me excited since things may get good again.  Hooray for that.

Land of Silver Rain 4

January 25, 2007

This volume kinda felt like filler, which disappointed me a bit since I like this series so much.  I kind of want it to get to a point where Misty-Rain gets back to the land of the Dokebi and it goes from there, because so far the human world has been a drag.  Sirius adds something to it, but Misty-Rain kills even my enjoyment of him at the end of this volume in the very minimal plot advance that happened here.

Basically, Misty-Rain gets a part time job and Thornpricker torments her.  Neither one of these events seem very significant as far as the story goes, we get only one hint that Misty-Rain is getting her memory back, and as I said, we don’t really get to hear much about the Dokebi land at all, which is what drew me to this series in the first place.  In volumes like this, the series plays out more like a dysfunctional high school comedy (dysfunctional because it’s not very good), and I would prefer it to be the rich, atmospheric fantasy series that it started out as.

This series is still one of my favorites, but I would rather it get back to the main plot, because I really don’t care how the characters are functioning in and dealing with the human world.  It’s really not good when it does this… but I’ll forgive it anyway, because I’m expecting a huge payoff in future volumes when things start to get messy.

Land of Silver Rain 3

December 2, 2006

I still really love this series.  It’s getting weirder and weirder as it goes more modern with its story, but the continual reference to the fantasy elements, combined with the sheer cute factor of Prince Sirius, kept me interested and waiting for volume four.

The story now almost entirely takes place in the human world.  Sirius arrives, and then the plot shifts almost entirely to Misty Rain trying to remember… well, her memories.  She’s still struggling with that, and can’t figure out why she doesn’t have parents.  Sirius can’t get her to remember him, though he tries for most of the entire volume, and her continued stubbornness to do less than aknowledge him, does not phase him.  His unflagging pursuit is what held my interest the entire volume, as Misty Rain is a rather stubborn and unpleasant character and not a very nice girl, though for whatever reason the humans percieve her as gentle.

The younger brother’s confusion about the reality of dokebi got to me too.  Sirius does a number on him as far as revealing his true nature and getting to see parts of Sirius’s house, and he takes it all in with rather hilarious results as he tries to convince other people.

The introduction of Thornpricker was rather silly.  She was the only character I hated more than Misty-Rain, but at least she stayed in the background and was disgraced the entire time.  But she hasn’t done anything yet, so that’s something for next volume.  Something I’m very much looking forward to in the next volume, however, is what price Sirius paid to be able to stay in the human world.

But yes, I’m ready for volume four when it appears.  I know I could read it as well as volume five online, but that would make me a bit more sad when I bought the graphic novels.

Land of Silver Rain 2

August 16, 2006

I still really, really, really love this series. This volume is mostly exposition, and I actually liked it a lot better in the Dokebi realm than in with the humans, and I STILL really like this series.

I hated that Misty-Rain wound up with a really bratty stereotype, but I forgive the series that and am waiting paitiently for the prince to come and rescue her and take her back to the awesome fantasy realm. What else… another flaw that I forgave was the overuse of amnesia, and a few other really convenient elements in the land of humans. But again, I’m willing to begrudge the series that.

One thing I really liked was the expulsion scene at the beginning. That was quite heartbreaking on both sides of the kingdom. That scene alone made me slide complacently through the human world stuff.


Land of Silver Rain 1

July 4, 2006

OH SO GOOD! I think I needed a good new shoujo fantasy title, and I got it. I got it HARD with this one. I was so surprised by how good this turned out to be, and now I’m waiting for volume two to surface someplace in the city. I’ll probably just wind up ordering it somewhere. Long story short, I wanted to try a Netcomics series, but after being shafted with manhwa by the newcomer ICE Kunion (still waiting for 1001 Nights 2) and after being left with only three volumes of the Junji Ito Horror Comic collection from online manga publisher Comics One, I was leery of manhwa published online by a new publisher. After seeing that volume twos were coming out in paperback form, I dove into volume one of this series. Originally I was going to try Pine Kiss, but I’m reading too much pure shoujo lately, and this one had such a pretty cover.

I was not disappointed. Between this and +Anima, I’ve been quite pleased with new fantasy series lately, and am thinking perhaps I should delve deeper into the genre. This one had both fantasy and shoujo romance and drama, so I was definitely a happy camper.

A girl named Misty Rain lives with the dokebi demons in their fantasy world. She lives with the two-horn dokebi, while the one-horn unicorn dokebi live elsewhere. Misty Rain is raised by her grandma, and she acquires a rival at a very young age named Thornpricker. Thornpricker and Misty Rain grow up hating each other, and much of Thornpricker’s mistrust lies in the fact that she suspects Misty Rain is a forbidden human and not a real dokebi. Thornpricker also is jealous of the fact that Misty Rain is a favorite of the ruler, The Great King of Darkness. Misty Rain is accused of a high crime and during her term of imprisonment, the prince of the unicorn dokebi begins falling in love with her… while Thornpricker begins falling in love with the prince, named Sirius.

It’s awesome, I promise. My only worry is that it goes down to the land of the humans next volume, and some of the next volume descriptions make it sound like it will turn into some sort of high school drama. More magic stuff, please.