Liar in Love

July 5, 2015

Kiyo Ueda – DMP/June – 2011 – 1 volume

This one was good!  Both characters were adults, and gay!  That never happens!  This is more what I look for in BL, so it gets high marks for me.

Hiroki is pretty casual when it comes to relationships, and tends to have a lot of casual sex partners.  His brother calls him one day to ask if he knew a nice guy to set up with his heartbroken coworker.  For whatever reason, Hiroki decides he’d like to go for it, despite the fact he doesn’t really do relationships like that.  He seduces Yasuyuki, and when he realizes Yasuyuki is a nice guy who is very serious about him, he pushes Yasuyuki away.  Hiroki is lonely, and eventually (accidentally) wins Yasuyuki back.

Unfortunately, Hiroki isn’t very nice.  His seduction of Yasuyuki reads a little bit like a game, though he doesn’t seem like he plans on cheating on him or breaking up with him.  He just thinks it’s easy.  He does seem really good for Yasuyuki, who is ashamed of being gay.  Hiroki thinks nothing of shopping with him, discussing relationships in public, or holding hands in crowds of people.  It means a lot to Yasuyuki.  Hiroki’s brother accuses him of taking from Yasuyuki and never giving (Yasuyuki cooks for him, and it’s Yasuyuki that comes to Hiroki’s house and generally dotes on him), but I did feel a little bad for Hiroki in that way, because it wasn’t true.

Hiroki pushes him away, then tries to resume his normal life, but can’t sleep with other men.  Yasuyuki finds him, and Hiroki keeps saying the worst things to him to get him to stay away from him.  So he isn’t very heroic, and rather self-serving.

Still, it was a cute book.  Worth a read if you stumble across it.  I liked Classmate by Ueda as well (which was high school romance, something I usually avoid), and I think I’ll pick up her other book, The Color of Love, very soon.