Lies & Kisses

February 17, 2007

I almost DIED when I got the package from DramaQueen in my mailbox and it had “candy inside <3” written on the outside.  I forgot about Valentine’s Day, and there really was candy inside along with porn, so thank you to whoever made my day a lot funnier.

So after reading Gerard & Jacques and being in the mood for more Boys Love, I went straight to DramaQueen and got the 18+ title that seemed to be their most popular.  I didn’t ask questions about plot or content or anything like that, I just picked up the one that people were talking about in the forums the most.  When I started reading it though, I found out it violates all three of my rules: no underage, no older/younger relationships, no incest, none of the above if you’re going to be serious about it.  Ugh, ugh, ugh.

But would you believe that as weirded out as I was by all that, I still really loved this title?  It deals with it all in a way that took into consideration my feelings.  For instance, the sex stops when the brother stuff is found out.  He lists the reason as finding out the kid is underage (17).  The age descrepency wasn’t really so much an issue, I thought the kid was 20 and the older one was 26 (I figured he was under 30, though it was revealed as 26 later, I guess), and in the 20s I don’t think too much of.  I guess I forgot about it after the incest was introduced, but they bring up the age difference a few times because Haru’s friends think he’s sleeping with an older career woman.  I actually did think the kid was 20 until Tatsuya confronted him about it.
Anyway, tender stuff, this Lies and Kisses.  The characters and situations were all really well-done, nothing in it felt rushed or unexplained, and there was enough drama and hard plot elements to really draw me in the entire time.  The romance was excellent too, despite the fact I was put off by it a bit.  This was an excellent one-shot.  I definitely want the other work by Minase from DramaQueen, Empty Heart, but I think I’ve gotta wait for a reprint.  Bummer.  Their books are so pretty, too.