Lonely Egotist

April 27, 2009

This was a yaoi novel I reviewed for this month’s Otaku Bookshelf at the Manga Recon, so you can chek out the review over there.

You know, I liked it a lot, and I didn’t think I would.  It’s got one of my yaoi no-nos in it (non-consensual sex), but the rest of it is just a romance with a lot of sex.  And it does exactly what you think it will really, really well, and I had a hard time putting it down once the story got started.

Would you believe I’m also a big fan of the Merry Gentry books, too?

Also, this was the first time I’ve laid eyes on Masara Minase since Lies and Kisses.  She does the sparse illustrations for this novel.  The book’s author describes her art as “terrifyingly sexy,” which is probably true.  I wish more of her books were licensed, or that DramaQueen could somehow wind up back on track and eventually reissue Empty Heart.