Love Syndrome

December 15, 2012

Yura Miyazawa – DMP / June – 2011 – 1 volume

I’m a little impressed I don’t already have a book called “Love Syndrome.” Nor do I have anything else by this author. I’m not even sure why I wound up picking this up. I suppose the premise sounded interesting, in that I was desperate for more BL for awhile and this featured an older couple. Sometimes that’s all it takes.

It’s not bad. The first story is a clever screen for the rest of the book, which contains one-shots about school-age couples. It’s still okay, though. The first story is the best, about a guy that has to move in with his best friend when his apartment gets flooded. His best friend gives him several conditions, one of which is that they have to kiss every morning. This rattles the main character badly, but he begins to realize his best friend is quite solitary, and a very hard worker, and the only time he takes to socialize is to hang out with the main character, and that gives the main character a warm feeling… and you know where that’s going. It’s nothing special, and neither of the characters were extraordinary, really, but it was still a sweet romance.

The second story is about a new student in a boy’s dormitory who winds up with a roommate he doesn’t meet for quite some time, due to said roommate being buried under a mountain of books. When he does surface, he is unbearably cute and needs a great deal of mothering and taking care of. So, yeah, that happens. Again, a cute story, but nothing fantastic.

Next is a two-part story about a pair of best friends, one of whom is adorable and a magnet for others, while the other harbors a huge crush on him. Among other things, the final plot twist is that the magnet gets jealous when other people show interest in his friend. The magnet was a little vacant for my taste, but this story was… again, cute but nothing special.

Last was a story about separated stepbrothers. I hate stepbrother romances with a passion, but this stays in line with the rest of the book.

I picked this up with other things, I think, and that’s about how good it is. It scratches the late-night BL itch I sometimes get, and it’s a decent one-shot, but not worth rushing out and buying by itself.