Sharon Kendrick / Marito Ai – Harlequin – 2011 – 1 volume

Again, I have a soft spot for these Harlequin manga adaptations that can be found so cheaply at emanga. They always deliver what they promise, in this case, two celebrities in the middle of a divorce that suddenly find out that there’s a baby on the way. Why the split? Cheating, of course, and some divergent personalities… but of course they still love each other, because otherwise, how could the baby wind up in a happy family? Add a pessimistic, meddling mother and you’ve got everything you need.

It’s not fantastic, but again, it scratches that romance manga itch, which is all I’m after when I read these. It’s always a bonus if they happen to be good too, but this one doesn’t go above and beyond. It does have better-than-average art, though, and I liked Marito Ai’s backgrounds a lot. It was more detail than I’m used to seeing.

Do you like romance? Celebrities? Have 400 points to spend over at emanga? You make the call.