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February 8, 2006

Tomoko Taniguchi – Central Park Media – 2004 – 1 volume

Another Tomoko Taniguchi one-shot, because I really liked Call Me Princess. Of the four volumes I have, I would speculate she knows how to do two types of stories: those about royalty and those about musicians. This is of the latter type, as is Popcorn Romance, and I think I like this less.

The ENTIRE time, I was cheering for the other boy the heroine was going out with. The one she was after was such a deadbeat. God, I was hoping she’d wake up and smell the coffee eventually. I suppose perseverance pays off in the end, but COME ON. He was a deadbeat. The other guy wanted her. He was rich and also very nice. Another moral I suppose, but… I’m a big girl, morals don’t work on me anymore. I liked it okay though. The characters weren’t quite as good as in other stories (not as well developed, maybe a bit more shallow), and I had problems with the heroine’s interests, as I’ve said, but overall it was okay. Good fluffy shoujo, if that’s what you’re looking for.


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