Mister Mistress 2

January 19, 2012

Rize Shinba – Deux – 2008 – 2 volumes

I am terrible. I am incredibly ashamed of how long I hunted for this volume, waiting for the price to go down, and that I wanted it so goddamn bad. I don’t even know why. It’s not that good. But I have a soft spot for silly BL, and it is very good at being funny and horribly smutty. I have no defense.

Again, the premise is that Rei is an incubus that lives in dreams and feeds off the lust generated by humans, and he’s recently latched on to Fujimaru, who is apparently the horniest teenager in Japan. Fujimaru isn’t skeevy in the usual sense, in that he’s always trying to hit on girls or oogling naughty pictures or whatever. Fujimaru is actually fairly likable, and has a silly big brother desire to set a good example and watch over his younger brother, who apparently hates his guts. Fujimaru is fairly clumsy and bad at school, but doesn’t realize these things. He’s cheerful, sociable, and well-adjusted. He just really loves to masturbate, and has dreams about good-looking girls. That’s just part of who he is. As of last volume, most of his dreams involve steamy scenarios of Rei’s creation, though again, these only take place in the dreams. Fujimaru seems in turns mildly peeved and resigned to this. Rei has also entered the real world, for some reason, and is a teacher at Fujimaru’s school. Because that’s what these books do.

There’s the usual plot here, including interference from another incubus who was apparently a girl at one time, but has been changed into a boy by a witch’s curse, and a whole storyline about how Fujimaru may have fallen in love with Rei, but is upset because Rei is an incubus and unfaithful by nature. Blah blah blah. You’re not reading the book for reasons like that, though. This is fun because Fujimaru is such a goofy, likable character, and the fact that Rei keeps appearing in his dreams for… uh, sometimes rather creative scenarios. My favorite was one where jellyfish strips come to life and slither all over Fujimaru’s body, then Rei has to help him. I couldn’t stop laughing.

I hate myself a little for liking these two books so much. It’s a little hard not to get caught up in the silly fun when you read them, so there’s something to be said for that. But I prefer an older couple for these steamier volumes, so my conscience screamed at me through every page of this.

Mister Mistress 1

May 18, 2011

Rize Shinba – Deux – 2009 – 2 volumes

Sometimes, I read BL books and am shamed.

Okay, more than sometimes. But it’s worse when I pick up a book like this, one that is honestly pretty bad, but still get a huge kick out of it.

I don’t know if it’s the main character, Fujimaru, who loves porn and loves masturbating. Maybe it’s Rei, a succubus demon that haunts Fujimaru’s house and feeds off his lust. I think it’s a combination of the two, because I think that is hilarious. Also hilarious is the fact that Rei used to haunt Fujimaru’s horny grandpa, and only the lust of this particular family of perverts can satisfy his needs. Thankfully, the story doesn’t take it seriously. The two are silly, and the story is perfectly content letting both of them ham it up.

There’s much talk of sex, but honestly, not much in the way of BL content. Fujimaru is straight (though there is a volume 2 coming up), and Rei doesn’t actually have sex with him, he only shows up and gets creepy when Fujimaru is getting ready for alone time. He… helps him along by stimulating him, via dream or whatever, but it’s more a magic thing than a sex thing, and Fujimaru thinks he’s creepy. Well… actually, Rei appears as a ghost at first, and… manually stimulates Fujimaru, and you know how that goes, but Fujimaru isn’t really returning the favor at all. Again, because he’s straight. It’s mostly a one-man show.

Later, Rei shows up with a real body as a teacher at Fujimaru’s school. Because that’s what bad manga does. It struck me as funny here, though. Also funny is the fact that Fujimaru has a little brother he dotes on. He adores the ground his adorable little brother walks on. The brother, for his part, thinks Fujimaru is a huge idiot. I also love that.

Unfortunately, Rei’s “stimulation” is borderline non-con, but it’s slightly less creepy than usual here. It’s a combination of Fujimaru being so ridiculous in the first place, the fact that Rei isn’t actually having sex with him, and the fact that he’s already masturbating, and that Rei’s “magic” is only aiding him. Sort of. But don’t get me wrong, it’s still non-con on some level because Fujimaru doesn’t want Rei’s “magic” aiding him, and the magic gets more and more… concrete as the volume wears on. It’s still uncomfortable for me to read. But it’s also not as bad as it is in, say, most BL books.

Don’t get me wrong, though. It’s not good. There’s not much in the way of story, or anything to sink your teeth into, so to speak, in whatever way you want to take that. It is pretty funny though, and makes good use of an interesting gimmick. The second volume is prohibitively expensive as a paperback, but is available as a Kindle download if you want to go that route. I lament my lack of Kindle right now, because I do want to read the second volume of this. Like, really bad. Which is probably a mark against my taste in manga, but whatever.