My Only King

November 21, 2007

I decided I ought to read this one, which I bought recently, after Yen Press announced 3 other Lily Hoshino BL series.  I actually bought this one because it was BL-lite and I was burned out on personal taboos I kept running across in BL manga I’ve been reading recently. This one was relatively light and cheery, and consisted of only hand-holding.

The main story, “My Only King,” featured a very girly-looking match for the main character.  It had a vague fantasy theme in that the girly one was supposed to be some kind of wizard keeping the main character safe, but no magic was ever used, and the vague plot centered around the awkward relationship between the two and getting the girly one aclimated at school since he was going to be “guarding” the main character (the actual plot is that the girly one is protecting the main character because he has the spirit of the king in him or something, and it had traveled through dimensions to land in a normal high school student).  Nothing was really resolved, and what was presented of the plot was pretty bad, but there were a number of cute scenes between the two characters.

What I really liked were the short stories that took up the second half of the volume.  They all managed to be really cute, light reads, and I felt totally refreshed and cleansed of all the heavy BL I’ve been reading after finishing the volume.  The first involved the reading of a horoscope that wound up matching two male best friends who hadn’t considered being gay up until that point.  While it is still totally unrealistic, the buildup to the peck at the end is at least better paced than most stories I’ve read of this type.

There’s a really, REALLY weird story about a girly-looking male ghost which possesses the bathtub of a businessman.  You can only imagine the places this one goes, but it’s really not all that dirty.  It seems like a situation which would be better used in a hardcore title, but it works well here, too.

There’s a story which is a followup to another Lily Hoshino story I hadn’t read.  This was only a few pages and kind of assumed familiarity with the characters, but had a really cute backstory about how one of the characters used to fantasize about the nape of the other’s neck.  It was surprisingly sincere and well-written for how short it was.

The best story in the volume, though, was the last one, which was very long and included another fantasy setting.  This was about a King who sold off kids in his kingdom.  One kid fought every single family he was sold to and always wound up back at the King’s palace.  He and another orphan wind up striking up a friendship over the years, and the violent orphan always winds up in an angry confrontation with the king after he’s been sent back.  This character hates the king for selling the children… but there winds up being more to the story than that, and things move in a not-too-surprising direction.  Parts of the story were kind of awkward, and it wasn’t all that hard to figure out after awhile, but it had a really sweet ending.

It was one of the better non-Yoshinaga Juné titles I’ve read, I think. I think I’ll get Hoshino’s other available title, “Alone in my King’s Harem,” just to see how her other stories run.