Orange Planet 2

October 15, 2009

Haruka Fukushima – Del Rey – 2009 -5 volumes

I reviewed this for the weekly Manga Minis column at Manga Recon, so you can check out my review over there.

I normally find the good in everything, and I love shoujo to death.  But I frequently have problems with shoujo aimed at a younger audience, and this is one such series.  I hate it, honestly, and it is hard to read.  I’m just not twelve anymore, and I don’t have the energy.

Orange Planet 1

June 15, 2009

I reviewed the first volume of this new Haruka Fukushima series for Manga Recon, so you can check out the review over there.

Haruka Fukushima is another “it is what it is” artist, and her stories are definitely more for little girls than most of what I read.  Still, she treats the common plot devices well, and I can’t help but like her stories a little, even if I’m not all that interested in them.  Well, except for Kedamono Damono, which is a serious guilty pleasure.