Panorama of Hell

December 3, 2005

Another one shot volume from Hideshi Hino. By far the best one of his works I’ve read so far. I don’t actually think he does lengthy series, or anything more than two volumes, really.

Panorama of Hell is AMAZING, by the way. It’s sort of autobiographical in some twisted kind of ways… this is the only one of his works that I’ve read that gave a detailed biography. The main character is an artist that draws twisted and bizarre scenes of Hell, and the Panorama of Hell is his most ambitious work to date. He then goes on to tell you about his family, and there’s a chapter detailing the twisted lives of everyone from his grandfather to his two kids. The stories get progressively sicker and sicker as the volume goes on, and towards the end there was some stuff even I thought wasn’t okay. Thoroughly disturbing, really. There’s animal dismemberment, talk of the guillotine and what happens to the heads and bodies, atomic bomb shit, beatings, masochism, cutting, and just about every other taboo and sick subject you can think of, and some you can’t. It’s truly horrible, and truly amazing, and it fits so well into its single volume. I tore through it in 20 minutes and was incredibly happy.

This ran me a bit on the expensive side ($21 or so), and I had to order it from Amazon, but it was ENTIRELY worth it.