Peach Girl 18

August 20, 2005

So here it is. The bittersweet end. The final decision. Not at all sad to see the series end, as I said I kinda thought it was beginning to beat a dead horse. Outcome was a surprise yes, since who she was going to pick was left up in the air until the very end. I was kinda disappointed by the rather unaffected reaction of the boy she left behind. Whatever. It’s over now. Sae’s a nice girl, everyone lives happily ever after. The end.

And what WAS up with the final word on Ryo? Seriously.

Peach Girl 17

August 19, 2005


I really like Kiley’s balls… for some reason Toji was never given as much personality as he was. Kiley’s sort of fucking annoying for that reason though… he does a lot of things and makes up things about that nurse that don’t make any fucking sense, and really just ruin his chances with Momo. Momo’s really getting on my nerves at this point too… really I feel like it’s a good thing the series is ending.

I like the way things turned out with Sae. Not as serious as I would have liked, but I liked the way they turned out, all the same.

I read this one and ten one after the other. If I don’t mention it in ten (since I just read it and will probably write one of these for it tomorrow), WHY aren’t things resolved with Ryo?

Peach Girl 16

August 14, 2005

These are hard to write after that first one. I read all three volumes in a row, and it’s not so much a matter of me trying to remember what happened in which volume, it’s that mentioning anything about any volume is a spoiler.

So here we have our happy trio going back to school. Or not-so-happy trio. Or really, happy couple. I wish Momo would wake up and see what she’s doing… I really liked her earlier on in the series and could sympathize with how she was being victimized, but later on she’s just sort of insensitive to her two main men’s feelings. She’s sort of selfish too, which is also a huge turn-off.

The matter of a broken condom also makes the series much more interesting. Where will that go, and how will it be resolved?

And may I just go ahead and say that Ryo is creepy. He is a creepy, creepy bastard. A creepy bastard with Kiley’s face.

Poor Kiley.

Peach Girl 15

August 14, 2005

Oh Kiley, you silly goose. You worked in a Soba shop, went through all that to come to your senses, and then mess it up. I feel bad for you, really. The end of the volume was most heartbreaking.

Momo, shame on you! You should know better than to be so loose. Don’t let him hang around you like that. You KNEW what was going to happen after you found all that stuff out, and don’t jump to conclusions so easily. I like you, but you’re messing up too, quite frankly.

Sae, you’re still pretty much a jerk, even if you are a bit nicer.

Peach Girl 14

August 14, 2005

… aka Change of Heart 6. I never did like the renumbering or changed name. They disrupted things and didn’t even bother to fix Toji’s name.

It’s been awhile since I read this series, but a combination of a slow month for manga and a set of 30% off coupons from Borders means I’m planning on getting the rest of it. Have up through 16 now, will probably get 17-18 later next week.

Getting back into the series wasn’t hard after my recent Hot Gimmick binge. In fact, I was kind of surprised how clearly I remember what was going on after not having a gap of two years between this volume and the last. I sort of remember why I stopped reading the series… the angst is a bit much for me, and the characters have reverted to this state where they’re just trying to make up their minds. Kiley particularly pisses me off, especially after working so hard to get Momo. While I didn’t like the reason behind it, I did like his summer journey.

The reappearance of Toji was a bit jarring after I had resigned myself to the Momo/Kiley pairing. The one thing I did forget about was the situation between him and Sae, and how Momo didn’t know about it. This could only be the portent for bad things.