Pretty Maniacs 3

May 29, 2006

Another series finished and behind me. Again, not a big fan. I liked this volume a lot more than the other two, though. They introduced an American otaku, which was sort of annoying, but somehow in with the spirit of the series. I also like some of the subtle, implied relationships… and I liked a lot of the events, too, with the final Komiket issue sort of being the running theme throughout the volume. The series conclusion was one that made sense, but it wasn’t anything grandiose, which seems appropriate. Much to my disappointment, there was no more back and forth with Yura and Shinano, though Yura was still there, being funny.

Hm. Some one-shot stuff, I suppose. I wound up liking Kanju a lot, too. Can’t think of anything else to say about it, other than the American Otaku was REAL ANNOYING.

Pretty Maniacs 2

May 27, 2006

I just don’t really like this series. It’s not my thing, and is sort of borderline quality in the same way that Lunar Legend Tsukihime is. Except that I sort of like Tsukihime, and I sort of don’t like Pretty Maniacs.

Plenty of things happen… Yura gets a pretty big revelation at the end of the volume, and I really like seing her and the main character as friends, especially since they’re so much alike. I was sort of turned off by the integration of the school/manga club and the ensuing plot stuff, with the exception of the student council president’s brother. He was awesome.

The best chapter by far though was the one with the doll. Even I thought that was awesome.

Pretty Maniacs 1

November 13, 2005

This was a free review copy, and I’ll honestly read anything as long as its not Lodoss War. I went into it with no previous knowledge.

This really isn’t my thing, the geared-towards-anime-fans stuff, and unfortunately that’s all this is about. It’s also the sequel to another series, so I was completely disoriented going in. I got a handle on things towards the end, but unfortunately the artist doesn’t draw girls and boys different enough, so I had the genders of some of the characters confused for awhile.

Even putting aside the fact there was some prior knowledge required, I’d still say that it’s a really disorienting series. The first chapter especially is incoherent, and it really doesn’t settle down until the main three girls decide to bind a book for their manga club. Then there’s a chapter about the consequences of this, then the last two chapters are about a Comiket.

It also lacks substance. If you like fun series about otaku though, here you go.