Princess Ai 3

February 8, 2006

So, winding up another series, hooray! This one wasn’t particularly good. That’s a lie… I know it wasn’t very good, but it was addictive. The final chapters actually had a great deal of tragedy, surprisingly, and the ending was terrible in that you thought everything was going to work out okay, then the characters themselves decide to screw it up. Stupid, stupid, stupid. The volume was actually mostly one big concert, and there’s lots of songs to be had for those who liked that. I began having trouble keeping the characters straight here… but I didn’t read any of the intro, and it’d been July since I read the last volume, and I’m not a big fan to begin with, so that may explain that. All three Furie sisters return, which is nice, because they have very different personalities…

Ah, the end sucked so bad though. Not only did it mess up the character relationships, it didn’t really resolve the plot in Ai-land, either. It also created more questions instead of providing answers. All in all a below average series with a lot of publisher support… maybe good for shoujo fans, but made me very mad while being sort of addictive. Maybe I’m just a sucker for the idol singers. The magic was lost in this volume, though.

Princess Ai 2

August 12, 2005

Hey, I wrote this! What happened, I thought I did this and it was up somewhere, but I can’t find it here or in either of my two temporary holding tanks ;_;

I’m sort of ashamed to admit I like this series. It does all it can to make me hate it, and it does so many annoying things, and I do hate everything this one stands for… but I love it. It shares a category with Princess Tutu in this respect, and I hesitate to say Othello, because Othello is a really good series, but something like that.

Here’s Ai, she just wants her man. Here’s some harpies after Ai. Here’s Ai’s singing, it helps everyone. Some more of the plot unraveled, oh boy. The locket opened… which was admittedly kind of cool. But none of these things are exciting save for the last. And yet I eat it up. The series does everything so cute and stylishly… it doesn’t have good artwork, but at the same time the character designs and fashions are so good.

I can’t give specifics because I read it more than a month ago and I SWEAR I put the review somewhere, but there you go. My shamefaced confession of love for that fucking series. Bring on volume three.

Princess Ai 1

July 24, 2004

Hello, Princess Ai. You should meet my friend subtlety, get to be good friends. He could really turn you into something great.

I couldn’t help myself, I had to get this. I wanted to witness how bad it was for myself… after all, it’s about an alien princess named Ai, from a place called Ai-land, and it was created by Courtney Love. That’s just… no.

It’s not as bad as I had hoped. I think that has a lot to do with the fact that the princess is a freeloader and lives on the street, so she has to confront the reality of money, job, figuring out what’s going on, stuff like that. The fact she’s got no idea what she’s supposed to be doing on Earth and has nothing to help her makes it far more interesting than what its stereotypes make it out to be. Ai isn’t necessarily a bad character herself… her attitude is in turns amusing and highly annoying and expected. Working at a strip club and refusing to strip is also very amusing. The artwork, save for the faces, is also really good.

But there are a lot of bad things too. The number of times Ai’s mission was brought up just absolutely ruined it for me. I can be expected to remember this, and reflect for myself how it affects events and that Ai’s thinking about it without having it thrown into my face every two pages. The guy she was hanging out with in the beginning was also given absolutely no personality, and just kind of appeared when necessary and acted how expected, not the huge part of Ai’s life he should’ve been. There was a number of cliches as well, Ai being a princess, sticking out like a sore thumb, being able to sing, parts of her personality, a lot of the characters, and lots of others.

Oh, and she sprouts a pair of wings at the end of the last chapter. And WHAT WERE THOSE CLOTHES DOING IN THE ROOMMATE’S CLOSET?! I mean, yeah, maybe he’s a drag queen, but those were still way too convienient.