Princess Tutu 2

December 4, 2005

Oh, this series was so BAD. I bought volume one after hearing rave reviews about an anime where the main character was a little duck who got turned into a girl and went to ballet school and she was a magical girl in a fairytale land et cetera… but that’s not what this is. This is a rushed piece of shit. Cute, but terrible as far as coherent and well-constructed story goes.

Some of the elements of the wonderful-sounding anime were present… mostly there were monster-of-the-day stories crammed into one chapter with a whole bunch of generic character development. There was nothing really exciting about this story except the basic premise. Well, and Mr. Cat, who insisted on marrying Ahiru and who was actually a large man-sized cat. Plus Ahiru really did get turned into a duck at one point. That was kind of nice. Other than that, it was a two-volume series with a great premise, as far as that goes. Thank you, ADV, for releasing something.