Reading Club 1

April 27, 2009

I reviewed this horror title for the Manga Recon, so go there to check out the review.

I liked it quite a bit, but I think it’ll probably be another volume or two before it really gets going.

You know, I realized last week that basically every awesome Korean girls’ comic I’ve read has been serialized in Wink magazine.  I’m not sure how many anthologies come out in Korea, but the fact remains that I am blown away by the quality in that magazine.  Goong, One Thousand and One Nights, Let Dai, Full House, Hotel Africa, Martin & John, Bride of the Water God, DVD… yeah, that’s every single awesome Korean series I’ve read except Dokebi Bride and Evyione.  And some of those series are among the best girls’ comics I’ve ever read.

Anyway.  Reading Club also runs in that magazine.  The cover designs take advantage of being sequential, which isn’t something you see very often.  And speaking of cover designs, the Korean covers for Hotel Africa are quite lovely.