Red Snow

July 22, 2010

Susumu Katsumada – Drawn & Quarterly – 2009 – 1 volume

I reviewed this over at the Manga Village, so you can check it out over there. Gekiga short stories with a sort of fairy-tale twist and a relatively happy face. It’s extraordinary stuff, and the book is well worth a look for many.

In the spirit of appreciating publishers while they’re doing good work and not after it’s too late, I really love every single one of the books Drawn and Quarterly has released. They’re all related through gekiga, but the styles are all very different (Box Man, Red-Colored Elegy, Red Snow, and Good-Bye), the books are always interesting and worth reading (this one in particular, I like it just as well as the Tatsumi short story collections), and they’re also well-made. Plus, they’re publishing a ton of stuff I didn’t know about and had no clue I should read. At this point, anything they put out is a must-buy for me. Hands down.