Rica ‘tte Kanji!?

April 29, 2006

I was very interested in the ALC yuri titles because I had never read yuri manga. Unfortunately, they were impossible to find. Anywhere. For whatever reason, I didn’t think to check the comic store located in Boy’s Town. I found this there by accident today, and was quite happy, since it was the ALC title I was most interested in.

I wasn’t so happy about the fact that it cost me $15 plus a 9% sales tax and that it was only about 80 pages long, but you’ll pay that for the specialty stuff. I also wasn’t pleased by the presentation, which is also not so surprising from a small publisher. The ink was extremely thin, so a lot of the pages were fuzzy. There were also many pages NOT TRANSLATED, which is a real shame when I pay 15 bucks to buy a book in fucking English. There were 3 pages about what looked like pride stuff in NYC, a page from the author that was translated, but then repeated again in Japanese, and 4 pages of omake comics at the end entirely untouched by the English language. Boo.

Other than that, I loved the story, but the art really drove me off. It’s drawn in a really rough, cutesy style that got on my nerves after awhile, but it was easy to understand and clear what was going on and all that. The stories were sometimes a bit simplistic for my taste, but other times I absolutely adored them, and I think any story flaws I probably wouldn’t have noticed if the art had been better. All the stories are a bit brief though, which is a real shame since there were a few I’d like to have seen drawn out a bit more. It reads sort of like a bonus comic in a magazine that was full of other content, but everything about it is just adorable, and I absolutely loved both the main characters, Rica especially. It was really funny in parts and really touching in others, and I think the author did what she set out to do, which is make a really cheery yuri comic.

The art’s not my thing, but I’d probably buy a second volume if one existed (the author also mentions hoping to continue the series for the English audience)… wishing it was cheaper, though.