Ruler of the Land 1

July 21, 2004

Oh man, this one’s MESSED UP. All the ads for it made it sound like one of those epic adventures that I don’t really care for but still respect all the same. You know, stuff like Blade of the Immortal, Vagabond, Lone Wolf and Cub, things like that. Uh.

Apparently the main character’s some sort of legendary pervert. And when I say legendary pervert, I mean he’s a badass, but everything that comes out of his mouth concerns women and how he wants to have sex with them. The manga’s sort of intolerable until you find out he’s a badass, and right at that moment, it gets interesting. It tries to be both funny and epic, which really really doesn’t work. You either have to have more than one funny character, or you have to have a completely serious plot, it doesn’t work with a goofy character in the universe of fire and brimstone. Even worse, the jokes made me wanna stab out my eyes, they were corny and not funny at all. But like I said, by the end I was fairly interested and thinking about the second volume. Maybe not interested to shell out for the whole 22 or so volumes, but interested enough. Can’t even think of any plot specifics really… there was lots of swordfighting and a mysterious connection between the pervert and “the ruler of the land.” At this point, the characters are protecting a legendary sword and working their way to the aforementioned ruler.

Like I said, the plot didn’t interest me, but the characters were enough. Not only was the main character a complete pervert, but the secondary character was a crossdresser. Mmm, genderbending.

One other thing that bothered me… all internal monologue not in bubbles was kept in Korean, with an English translation beside it. This might be for authenticity’s sake, but just looks lazy. Edit the panels.