Say Please

July 22, 2009

Kano Miyamoto – Deux – 2008 – 1 volume

Reading Fake and all its teasing made me want to read an actual BL book, a feeling that I don’t often get despite the fact it may seem like I read them all the time.  Unfortunately, I’ve read all my good ones, so I’m left with this and Hybrid Child.  I went with this since I almost always like Deux books.  Alas, this joins Chocolate Surprise as one I did not like.

I genuinely did not like Chocolate Surprise, but this book’s problem was simply that I could not relate to either of the characters, which is very important with a romance story like this.  Sakura was silent, standoffish, and sort of a jerk, and I just could not take Ryoichi seriously.  The plot is a good one, aside from the fact that I hate it when stories involve high school teachers unnecessarily (though to be fair, he teaches at an all-girls school, and Ryoichi is 21, so it doesn’t involve my dreaded student-teacher relationship taboo).  But Ryoichi’s strange, freewheeling way of dealing with life in general and Sakura specifically, and Sakura’s inability to say anything at all encouraging to Ryoichi to give him the impression that he can stay or go left me seriously wanting in the romance department, though it helps that Ryoichi is prone to burst into tears when he gets fed up with Sakura.  Also not condusive to a romantic atmosphere: bending a dude over and raping him.  Unlike every other yaoi manga, Ryoichi had the good grace to be furious, but he doesn’t go so far as to walk away from the relationship.  I wish this happened less frequently in these books.

It wasn’t terrible… everything that happened made sense, and I actually did enjoy some of the interactions between Sakura and Ryoichi.  Sakura’s occasional show of emotion was kind of nice, and never over-done.  But it just wasn’t very good, either.  Oh well.  There are plenty of other fish in the BL sea.