Silky Whip Extreme

December 20, 2007

Much like the other Silky Whip, this is also an adult title with lots of sex.  Lots of it.   So… you know.

I was kind of disappointed with this volume, mostly because it pretended to be a long, continuous story, then the story (called “Junk Story”) stopped, and the rest of the volume contained four short stories of varying qualities.  The best of the shorts was probably one where a couple had sex in summer and sweat was discussed at length.  It was shockingly romantic, and romance is not really something one expects to find in a porn anthology most of the time.

I must admit though, Junk Story had its romantic elements.  Basically a robot is wiping humanity off the face of the Earth for the sake of his creator’s daughter, who it witnessed being raped by a group of soldiers.  The robot’s devotion to this girl is quite touching, though this is marred by the fact that the girl who is with the robot now is some sort of… clone or copy or something, and is kind of rotten, and the… real (?) girl wants to destroy this robot.  But the robot itself is quite devoted, you see.  Just in case you were wondering where the porno was in this, the robot has cables that come from its body so it can fuck the girl tentacle-style, and there’s lots and lots and lots of rough sex between the real girl and a partner android-type guy she finds along the way, and there’s a weird fingering scene with a flying guy where he almost gets the main character off in her sleep.  How she sleeps through a near orgasm I’m not sure, but it’s in there.

One of the other short stories in the back is a continuation of a story from the original run of Silky Whip, but one that was not included in the collected volume I have.  It was incoherent despite the fact that it pretty much explained the plot right at the beginning… but it was notable for the huge amount of sex it crammed into its few pages.  There are two aliens who… I believe are chicks with dicks, but I’m not sure.  They’ve got both sets of equipment, though.  A person they were trying to help or use or something is punished at the end by being given two penises (in addition to her existing vagina) and gigantic bakunyu-style breasts, then having a creature which will not stop mating until it hears a code word set on her.  It was fascinating.

This is also one of the absolute nicest manga books I have, presentation-wise.  It’s oversized, it’s got a great translation, and all the original covers, advertisements, and color artwork from each issue of Silky Whip Extreme appear in their proper place between chapters, as if all the issues were just bound together.  It’s a fantastic book.

I didn’t like this volume nearly as much as the first volume of Silky Whip, and the sex wasn’t as good, but I’m still glad I bought it.  I just really like Oh! great.

Silky Whip

November 30, 2007

As a warning, this is totally an adult manga, and I’m going to talk about the sex a lot.  Don’t read any further if you think you shouldn’t, you know?

So I’ve never tried an actual H manga before.  I had to pick carefully on my first one… graphic sex actually puts me off a lot, despite the fact I root for it sometimes when I read BL series (when I get it though, like in the Finder Series, I often find I don’t want it if there’s not strong characters attached).  It seemed unfair to read gay porn and not straight though, and I was very curious.  I picked Oh! great since I already know I like him, so I kind of lied about picking carefully since I’ve been thinking about getting this for awhile.

This volume is a collection of four short stories.  I liked the first story a lot, and I’m glad it started things off.  A girl who is taking advantage of a boy who has a crush on her by getting money off him gets hers in the end.

The second story I didn’t like as much, which was about a jealous woman manifesting a spirit that kills both her and her husband when she finds him boning her sister.

The third story is what I imagined went on in these types of collections.  A thinly veiled plot about jewels sets up a male character who dominates two female characters.  One of the items of jewelry is a rosary, which one of the females hides in her ass and gets pulled out in the style of anal beads (and is “washed” in her vaginal fluid when the male complains that she’s taken “shitty” care of it).  The other female had two dildos crammed up her cooter, with a third making its way in.  I actually kind of liked this one too, if only because it was pretty silly and horrible at the same time.  I feel bad for liking it, but there you go.

The fourth story was very long and really… really something.  It, uh, had a gangbang as well as some bestiality.  The plot was… well, a little thin, to be honest, but the sex parts were pretty mind-blowing, which is all that counts, I suppose.  The orgy is huge, and involves many men and one woman.

The second story was a little underwhelming as far as porn goes, but the rest passed with flying colors.  You can imagine there was some non-con.  A lot of non-con actually, but there was no pause to dwell on whether or not the characters may have wanted the sex.  They just got it.  Over and over and over again.  Actually, the only story with consensual sex was probably the second (with a few scenes in the first and fourth as well), which is really something when I think back.

One of the pet peeves I have with porn is that I hate the way that vaginas are usually drawn.  I can’t quite explain my problem, and I realize that these men probably know a lot more about what the vagina looks like during sex than I do, but I just don’t like the way they’re drawn in porn manga for some reason.  It’s not just Oh! great either, I’ve had this problem with a lot of porn excerpts I’ve seen over the years.

Good porn, and I am pretty satisfied with my first purchase in the genre, though I can’t say I’ll be coming back often since I’m not that into the sex.  I did buy the other Silky Whip volume with this one though, and Silky Whip Extreme has sex with robots, which I’m kind of looking forward to.  We’ll see what I think when I’m done with that.