Tokyo Boys and Girls 5

October 22, 2006

Of course, if anything good is going to happen, it’s going to happen in the last volume. Soas not to spoil it, plenty of good things happen, but not before lots of drama drama drama.

I still don’t like Nana very much, and I feel it’s kind of mean to say she deserved what she got through most of the volume, but… she deserved what she got. Of course it turned out the way it did, because it’s a silly manga, but still, I was pumped about her comeuppance for quite awhile.

And yes, we get more of the continuing adventures of Haru and Mimori’s relationship. Also, more Kuniyasu harassment, and a happy solution to all Mimori’s problems about her parents splitting up, moving, et al. Of course all the loose ends get wrapped up, but not without a lot more of the characters getting mad at and misunderstanding each other.

The ending to the series was really open-ended and lame. This says a lot coming from a Rumiko Takahashi fan, but yes, it was quite lame. The above-mentioned solution is way too convenient, and… ugh.

But I’m not sorry I read it. It’s a barely mediocre shoujo series, and it’s only five volumes long, so at least I got another series under my reading belt.

Tokyo Boys and Girls 4

October 22, 2006

I read this and 5 back to back, so it may be hard to remember what happened where… unless I get my ass up and get the book from the shelf.

Ah, there we go. It’s also been FOREVER since I read volume 3. Like, maybe last year. I think I got 4 & 5 together and they’ve just been sitting around forever. Admittedly, I didn’t read them because three left off in a good place and I knew there’d be drama, because it’s Miki Aihara. But I had to read the last two volumes, you know?

And I was right. Not only is there plenty of drama outside the main characters since Mimori’s parents split up, but Kuniyasu starts putting some moves on Mimori, good old Haruta starts acting like a dick, Shinyogi and Nana do stupid things, and Nana is just a bitch all the way around. I don’t really like her that much, she’s quite shallow and selfish. Not only will she not hear anything but what Kuniyasu has to say, but she also is willing to throw her friendship with Mimori out over the stupidest things.

I found a lot of the characters in this series to be not too likable. They always seemed angry at each other, over little and not-so-little things. Maybe I’m just growing out of this type of story, but it seems like most of the time in high school romances, at least some alliances are obtained… I guess Shinyogi and Kuniyasu maintained one, but otherwise everyone just hated everyone.

Even Mimori isn’t that likable sometimes. She does tend to stick her nose in other people’s business.

Anyway, a lot of the plot in this volume revolves around the glorious rise and fall of Mimori and Haru’s relationship, plus the fall and rise of Mimori’s parents relationship. I’m glad her dad wound up being pretty cool, because her mom was another high-strung character who always seemed to be angry.

This volume overall made me sad after all the good things that happened in volume three. Lots of fights et al, plus the characters all were being dicks.

On to volume 5!

Tokyo Boys and Girls 3

March 3, 2006

I knew I shouldn’t have. I knew it was a Miki Aihara series, and I’d wind up craving more. Craving more HARD. And the last volume ended on such a good temporary note… the main character and her love interest together? Uncharacteristic!

This series is not nearly as good as Hot Gimmick… hell, it’s only a mediocre shoujo series at best, and the character designs are not only ugly, but three of the characters still look the same three volumes in. But its still Aihara crack, and I still need it. This volume ended abruptly with an unlikely couple (VERY abruptly, with a VERY unlikely couple), and Nana’s a bitch, and I don’t feel good about the trials the heroine’s being put through. I also don’t much like the heroine, but I need more of the series right now, all the same.

Tokyo Boys and Girls 2

January 14, 2006

I’ll be fair and say I didn’t read the short story at the end. Those are almost always bad, and I started in on that one and just… I just couldn’t. It’s for another day, quite frankly.

But I like this series. It doesn’t fuck around. We’ve already got some confessions coming forth, characters deciding what they want, and things of a positive shoujo nature going on. I was very pleased with the character interaction here. It seems to be going almost TOO well, especially since my only other experience with Aihara is Hot Gimmick. I KNOW something bad will happen, and I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. It’ll probably be that smart bastard’s fault. I hate him.

That’s about as thorough a review as you’re going to get, I think.

Tokyo Boys and Girls 1

December 17, 2005

Yeah, like I said, I picked this up after liking Hot Gimmick 10 so much. I don’t like this nearly as much. It’s an earlier series, so the characters aren’t as strong and the artwork’s just sort of ugly (I cannot tell the two blonde boys apart when viewed from the front, and I also sometimes had the same problem with the heroine and the two blonde boys… for God’s sake, Aihara). But the situation is all hers, with huge dramatic relationships dragging in outside influences right from the get-go.

I liked the situation with the main character and her main source of antagonism, the boy who says he hates her from grade school who she can’t remember. I also sort of like how spirited the main character is, it’s a big change from miss doormat Hatsumi. I don’t know how I feel about the other characters yet… there’s a lot of them, and none of them are quite as unique as I would like yet. I guess I also like that so many bad things happen to the main character, but that’s such a shoujo manga thing to do that I hope it gets itself a new trick soon. I’ll probably finish the series though… hell, it’s only five volumes, and I have more faith in Aihara than to stop at the first volume.