Ultra-Gash Inferno

April 14, 2006

So while I was doing research into English-released horror manga, I ran across this volume by Suehiro Maruo (the erotic-grotesque king), published in 2001 from an English publisher. Apparently it was ultra rare, because every place I looked I could either not find it or I found it for anywhere from 50-100 dollars. I became obsessed. After about five months of constant searching, I found it for around 33 bucks shipped. Score!


It’s terrible, plain and simple. Every page spread contains people having sex. Nonsensical sex that not only is not logical in the story, but I can’t figure out what’s going on in the panel. It’s full of short stories, some of them only a few pages long, all of them bizarre and frustratingly vague. There is rarely a page where characters are not having sex or killing each other. When one really gets going, it ends. Then there’ll be a story about a bunch of kids eating shit and having sex. Then a story about a man who lives in a sewer and licks girl’s anuses as they shit down into a hole. The last story is long and developed, and I thought that one was okay (plus it had really good art), and one or two of the others were okay, but I was SO MAD I devoted so much time, effort, and money to this.