Walking Man

April 15, 2007

I placed a Fanfare order after reading the “Doing Time” article at the OMF.  It just so happened this title was also in this week’s OMF.  I also got Doing Time and A Patch of Dreams in said order.  I placed the order through Amazon, but I found most of these (along with a few other Fanfare titles) in the comic stores and Borders when I was cruising the city looking for Swan earlier this week.  The fact that Fanfare titles were easier to come by than Swan made me a little sad.

But yes, this is entirely a story about a man walking through various back roads and comitting various acts of inconsequence, such as buying paper balloons, climbing mountains, and reconstructing balsa wood airplanes.  There is not much dialogue (except for the last chapter, which is narrated), and I think the gist is that he moved into this new neighborhood and likes walking around.  One of my favorite chapters was probably one where he appeared to be up all night working, then took a walk around until he got to the tallest building he could find, raced up, and watched the sun rise.

It’s subtle and quite nice.  It’s expensive though, and clearly not for everyone, but I liked it, simply because it was quite different from what I normally read.