Yukiko’s Spinach

August 16, 2006

Is it manga? Is it World Manga? Is it OEL Manga? Is it Ameri-Manga? Is it a MIC?

It’s manga. By a French guy, but still printed in Japan first.

It’s also really, really NOT manga. The concept sounded really interesting to me: the artist being completely obsessed with and drawing inspiration from his model. I also have a weakness for wanting to try a title from each publisher, and Fanfare/Ponent Mon has a few, this being the one that sounded most appealing to me. I thought there was a US release, but I think they just imported the UK one to the States. Anyway.

It’s definitely interesting. The thing I liked most about it was the way motion was subtly shown. Sometimes an entire page would be dedicated to one wordless, intimate action spread out over several panels. It also popped in and out of fantasy sometimes, which was only confusing for a few seconds the first time, and after that it was pretty cute.

However, the entire comic is devoted to the actions, so there’s not much speech. Also, the actions play out over a few meetings only during the course of a few days. It is BORING. There is also ass-licking, which I am not into.

It was also expensive, like around $25 shipped. I am never happy when I pay more than $18 for a manga, this and Ultra-Gash Inferno being the only examples I can provide.